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Course Websites

Fall 2020 course websites

Welcome to the portal for all of your Grainger Engineering course websites for this semester. Course websites can be accessed via the links below or by going to where "XXXYYY" is the course rubric and number (e.g., ENG100).


  • Access to Compass2G course websites will not be available to students until 8/21.
  • If you receive a page that says "Welcome to the Fall 2020 web page for XXX", your instructor is likely still working on the final details of the webpage. Please check back soon for an update.
  • If you have recently registered for a course, please know that it can take up to 48 hours for you to gain access to a course website, especially if it is hosted on Compass2g. After attempting to login, you encounter an error saying you do not have access to a page for a course you are registered for, please contact the instructor for the course via email. You can find the course instructor listed at
  • If you get an error page when trying to access your course website (e.g., "404 not found") or the link goes to the wrong course, please email regarding the problem encountered. We will get it fixed as soon as possible.
AE 100Intro to Aerospace Engineering
AE 199Design, Build, Fly
AE 199Aerospace Computing
AE 202Aerospace Flight Mechanics
AE 311Incompressible Flow
AE 312Compressible Flow
AE 321Mechs of Aerospace Structures
AE 323Applied Aerospace Structures
AE 352Aerospace Dynamical Systems
AE 353Aerospace Control Systems
AE 402Orbital Mechanics
AE 412Viscous Flow & Heat Transfer
AE 416Applied Aerodynamics
AE 420Finite Element Analysis
AE 428Mechanics of Composites
AE 433Aerospace Propulsion
AE 442Aerospace Systems Design I
AE 451Aeroelasticity
AE 452Intro to Nonlinear Dyn & Vib
AE 460Aerodynamics & Propulsion Lab
AE 482Introduction to Robotics
AE 483Autonomous Systems Lab
AE 485Spacecraft Environments
AE 498 HATHypersonic AeroThermodynamics
AE 498 ONLHypersonic AeroThermodynamics
AE 512Molecular Gas Dynamics
AE 523Nanoscale Contact Mechanics
AE 528Nonlinear Continuous Media
AE 542Aerospace Syst Engineering I
AE 564Advanced Aero Propulsion Lab
AE 598 RLReinforcement Learning
BIOE 100Undergraduate Open Seminar
BIOE 120Introduction to Bioengineering
BIOE 199Frontiers in Cancer Research
BIOE 201Conservation Principles Bioeng
BIOE 202Cell & Tissue Engineering Lab
BIOE 206Cellular Bioengineering
BIOE 298 HITHealthcare Innovation & Trans
BIOE 302Modeling Human Physiology
BIOE 303Quantitative Physiology Lab
BIOE 380Biomedical Imaging
BIOE 414Biomedical Instrumentation
BIOE 415Biomedical Instrumentation Lab
BIOE 430Intro Synthetic Biology
BIOE 435Senior Design I
BIOE 436Senior Design II
BIOE 461Cellular Biomechanics
BIOE 476Tissue Engineering
BIOE 480Magnetic Resonance Imaging
BIOE 482Musculoskel Tissue Mechanics
BIOE 498 HGSoft Robotics
BIOE 498 HGOSoft robotics
BIOE 498 NIESurgical Technologies
BIOE 498 NIOSurgical Technologies
BIOE 498 WDPreclinical Molecular Imaging
BIOE 502Bioengineering Professionalism
BIOE 504Analytical Methods in Bioeng
BIOE 505Computational Bioengineering
BIOE 571Biological Measurement I
BIOE 573Managing Business Operations
BIOE 575Capstone Project
BIOE 598 HGSoft Robotics
BIOE 598 HGOSoft Robotics
BIOE 598 NIESurgical Technologies
BIOE 598 NIOSurgical Technologies
BIOE 598 ONLPreclinical Molecular Imaging
BIOE 598 RDSingle-Cell Decision-Making
BIOE 598 TLIntroduction to Synthetic Bio
BIOE 598 WDPreclinical Molecular Imaging
CEE 195About Civil Engineering
CEE 198Project Learning in CEE
CEE 198Project Based Learning
CEE 201Systems Engrg & Economics
CEE 202Engineering Risk & Uncertainty
CEE 300Behavior of Materials
CEE 310Transportation Engineering
CEE 320Construction Engineering
CEE 330Environmental Engineering
CEE 340Energy and Global Environment
CEE 350Water Resources Engineering
CEE 360Structural Engineering
CEE 380Geotechnical Engineering
CEE 401Concrete Materials
CEE 405Asphalt Materials I
CEE 406Pavement Design I
CEE 408Railroad Transportation Engrg
CEE 409Railroad Track Engineering
CEE 412High-Speed Rail Engineering
CEE 416Traffic Capacity Analysis
CEE 417Urban Transportation Planning
CEE 421Construction Planning
CEE 422Construction Cost Analysis
CEE 434Environmental Systems I
CEE 437Water Quality Engineering
CEE 442Env Eng Principles, Physical
CEE 443Env Eng Principles, Chemical
CEE 444Env Eng Principles, Biological
CEE 445Air Quality Modeling
CEE 450Surface Hydrology
CEE 451Environmental Fluid Mechanics
CEE 457Groundwater
CEE 458Water Resources Field Methods
CEE 460Steel Structures I
CEE 461Reinforced Concrete I
CEE 463Reinforced Concrete II
CEE 465Design of Structural Systems
CEE 470Structural Analysis
CEE 471Structural Mechanics
CEE 472Structural Dynamics I
CEE 483Soil Mechanics and Behavior
CEE 491Decision and Risk Analysis
CEE 493Sustainable Design Eng Tech
CEE 495Professional Practice
CEE 498 CE3Constr Equipment and Methods
CEE 498 CE4Constr Equipment and Methods
CEE 498 CO3Constr Equipment and Methods
CEE 498 CO4Constr Equipment & Methods
CEE 498 DO3Data Science for CEE
CEE 498 DO4Data Science for CEE
CEE 498 GE3Geoenergy Systems
CEE 498 GE4Geoenergy Systems
CEE 498 GO3Geoenergy Systems
CEE 498 GO4Geoenergy Systems
CEE 498 PO3Public Health Engineering
CEE 498 PO4Public Health Engineering
CEE 498 RVORail Vehicle Technology
CEE 498 RVTRail Vehicle Technology
CEE 524Construction Law
CEE 525Construction Case Studies
CEE 555Mixing in Environmental Flows
CEE 559Sediment Transport
CEE 574Probabilistic Loads and Design
CEE 576Nonlinear Finite Elements
CEE 580Excavation and Support Systems
CEE 586Rock Mechanics and Behavior
CEE 595 AGAdv Environmental Engr Seminar
CEE 595 AICAI in Construction
CEE 595 EWSEnergy Wtr Environment Sustain
CEE 595 FGeotechnical Engr Seminar
CEE 595 GEnvironmental Engr Seminar
CEE 595 SStructural Engr Seminar
CEE 595 SRMSocietal Risk Mngmt Seminar
CEE 595 SUSSustain & Resiliant Infrst Sys
CEE 595 WHydro Engr Seminar
CEE 598 GWGlobalization of Water
CEE 598 GWOGlobalization of Water
CEE 598 RTDRailway Terminal Design & Oper
CEE 598 RTORailway Terminal Design & Oper
CEE 598 SDOStructural Design Optimization
CEE 598 UTMUrban Transportation Models
CEE 598 UTOUrban Transportation Models
CS 100Freshman Orientation
CS 101Intro Computing: Engrg & Sci
CS 105Intro Computing: Non-Tech
CS 107Data Science Discovery
CS 125Intro to Computer Science
CS 126Software Design Studio
CS 173Discrete Structures
CS 196 25Freshman Honors
CS 196 73Freshman Honors
CS 199 196Pedagogy Practicum
CS 199 25Intro Pedagogy Practicum
CS 199 EMPEven More Practice
CS 210Ethical & Professional Issues
CS 225Data Structures
CS 233Computer Architecture
CS 240Intro to Computer Systems
CS 241System Programming
CS 242Programming Studio
CS 265Innovation Illinois
CS 296Honors Course
CS 357Numerical Methods I
CS 361Prob & Stat for Computer Sci
CS 374Intro to Algs & Models of Comp
CS 410Text Information Systems
CS 411Database Systems
CS 412Introduction to Data Mining
CS 413Intro to Combinatorics
CS 418Interactive Computer Graphics
CS 421Progrmg Languages & Compilers
CS 424Real-Time Systems
CS 425Distributed Systems
CS 426Compiler Construction
CS 427Software Engineering I
CS 433Computer System Organization
CS 438Communication Networks
CS 439Wireless Networks
CS 440Artificial Intelligence
CS 445Computational Photography
CS 446Machine Learning
CS 447Natural Language Processing
CS 450Numerical Analysis
CS 461Computer Security I
CS 465User Interface Design
CS 466Introduction to Bioinformatics
CS 473Algorithms
CS 481Adv Stochastic Process & Appl
CS 483Applied Parallel Programming
CS 491 CAPAdv Competitive Algorithm Prog
CS 491 CBCyber Security Scholar Program
CS 491 PDProfessional Development
CS 491 PDOProfessional Development
CS 492Senior Project I
CS 498 ABDAlgorithms for Big Data
CS 498 ABGAlgorithms for Big Data
CS 498 AC3Applied Cryptography
CS 498 AC4Applied Cryptography
CS 498 AMLApplied Machine Learning
CS 498 AMOApplied Machine Learning
CS 498 CDCyber Dystopia
CS 498 CN1Cloud Networking
CS 498 CN2Cloud Networking
CS 498 CNOCloud Networking
CS 498 DL3Introduction to Deep Learning
CS 498 DL4Introduction to Deep Learning
CS 498 FCSFundamentals of Comp Sci I
CS 498 FOAFundamentals of Algorithms
CS 498 HS1Social & Information Networks
CS 498 HS2Social & Information Networks
CS 498 ISEIOT Software Engineering
CS 498 IT3Internet of Things
CS 498 IT4Internet of Things
CS 498 ITOInternet of Things
CS 498 KA3Experimental Methods for HCI
CS 498 KA4Experimental Methods for HCI
CS 498 MC1Martian Computing
CS 498 MP3Logic in Computer Science
CS 498 MP4Logic in Computer Science
CS 519Scientific Visualization
CS 523Advanced Operating Systems
CS 524Concurrent Progrmg Languages
CS 527Topics in Software Engineering
CS 549Seminar in Cognitive Science
CS 556Iterative & Multigrid Methods
CS 563Advanced Computer Security
CS 572Extremal Graph Theory
CS 581Algorithmic Genomic Biology
CS 591 CSCS Speaker Series
CS 591 EICExcursions in computing
CS 591 IGDistributed Systems Seminar
CS 591 PH2PHD Orientation Seminar
CS 591 PHDPHD Orientation Seminar
CS 591 SESoftware Engineering Seminar
CS 591 TATeaching Assistant Training
CS 598 AO2Foundations of Data Curation
CS 598 ASTAdv Software Testing and Debug
CS 598 BLAdversarial Machine Learning
CS 598 CCEConceptual Change in CS Edu.
CS 598 DLTDeep Learning Theory
CS 598 EVSTensor Computations
CS 598 GWML for Sys, Netwrks & Security
CS 598 HJInfo Extr and Knowledge Acq
CS 598 HPNHigh-Speed/Progrmable Networks
CS 598 JGEAlgorithms for 1D Structures
CS 598 JPMachine Lrning Computation Bio
CS 598 JTEnergy-Efficient Comp Architec
CS 598 JTEEnergy-Efficient Comp Architec
CS 598 KCCListening to Social Universe
CS 598 KCOListening to Social Universe
CS 598 KGKSocial Spaces on the Internet
CS 598 KNAdvanced Multimedia Systems
CS 598 LRSImproving Your Research Skills
CS 598 LTLLearning to learn
CS 598 MAVMethods for Bld Auton Vehicles
CS 598 NJStat Reinforcement Lrng
CS 598 PSMach Lrng for Signal Processng
CS 598 PSEMach Lrng for Signal Processng
CS 598 PSOPractical Statistical Learning
CS 598 RBOAntisocial Computing
CS 598 RMAlgorithmic Game Theory
CS 598 SMApprox & Probabilistic Comp
CS 598 SSAdvance Bioinformatics
CS 598 SSOAdvance Bioinformatics
CS 598 TMCFine-Grained Algorithms
CSE 401Numerical Analysis
CSE 408Applied Parallel Programming
CSE 414Algorithms
CSE 422Computer System Organization
CSE 426Software Engineering I
CSE 427Interactive Computer Graphics
CSE 428Statistical Computing
CSE 440Statistical Data Management
CSE 441Introduction to Optimization
CSE 448Advanced Data Analysis
CSE 450Computational Mechanics
CSE 451Finite Element Analysis
CSE 485Atomic Scale Simulations
CSE 505Computational Bioengineering
CSE 511Iterative & Multigrid Methods
CSE 527Scientific Visualization
CSE 542Statistical Learning
CSE 552Nonlinear Finite Elements
ECE 110Introduction to Electronics
ECE 120Introduction to Computing
ECE 199Undergraduate Open Seminar
ECE 200Seminar
ECE 205Electrical & Electronic Ckts
ECE 206Electrical & Electronics Lab
ECE 210Analog Signal Processing
ECE 211Analog Circuits & Systems
ECE 220Computer Systems & Programming
ECE 298 ABSSolar Car
ECE 298 CLAEngineering Complex Linear Alg
ECE 298 ONLEngineering Complex Linear Alg
ECE 304Photonic Devices
ECE 310Digital Signal Processing
ECE 311Digital Signal Processing Lab
ECE 313Probability with Engrg Applic
ECE 314Probability in Engineering Lab
ECE 316Ethics and Engineering
ECE 329Fields and Waves I
ECE 330Power Ckts & Electromechanics
ECE 333Green Electric Energy
ECE 340Semiconductor Electronics
ECE 342Electronic Circuits
ECE 343Electronic Circuits Laboratory
ECE 350Fields and Waves II
ECE 365Data Science and Engineering
ECE 374Intro to Algs & Models of Comp
ECE 380Biomedical Imaging
ECE 385Digital Systems Laboratory
ECE 391Computer Systems Engineering
ECE 395Advanced Digital Projects Lab
ECE 401Signal and Image Analysis
ECE 402Electronic Music Synthesis
ECE 408Applied Parallel Programming
ECE 411Computer Organization & Design
ECE 414Biomedical Instrumentation
ECE 415Biomedical Instrumentation Lab
ECE 417Multimedia Signal Processing
ECE 420Embedded DSP Laboratory
ECE 422Computer Security I
ECE 428Distributed Systems
ECE 437Sensors and Instrumentation
ECE 438Communication Networks
ECE 439Wireless Networks
ECE 441Physcs & Modeling Semicond Dev
ECE 444IC Device Theory & Fabrication
ECE 445Senior Design Project Lab
ECE 448Artificial Intelligence
ECE 449Machine Learning
ECE 452Electromagnetic Fields
ECE 453Wireless Communication Systems
ECE 457Microwave Devices & Circuits
ECE 459Communications Systems
ECE 462Logic Synthesis
ECE 463Digital Communications Lab
ECE 464Power Electronics
ECE 465Optical Communications Systems
ECE 466Optical Communications Lab
ECE 469Power Electronics Laboratory
ECE 470Introduction to Robotics
ECE 473Fund of Engrg Acoustics
ECE 476Power System Analysis
ECE 480Magnetic Resonance Imaging
ECE 482Digital IC Design
ECE 486Control Systems
ECE 487Intro Quantum Electr for EEs
ECE 488Compound Semicond & Devices
ECE 490Introduction to Optimization
ECE 491Numerical Analysis
ECE 493Advanced Engineering Math
ECE 498 AANeuromorphic VLSI Design
ECE 498 AC3Applied Cryptography
ECE 498 AC4Applied Cryptography
ECE 498 EC3Quantum Info Processing Theory
ECE 498 EC4Quantum Info Processing Theory
ECE 498 ECGQuantum Info Processing Theory
ECE 498 ECIQuantum Info Processing Theory
ECE 498 GPFourier Optics
ECE 498 JZRadio-Frequency IC Design
ECE 498 NSUDeep Learning in Hardware
ECE 498 ON1Radio-Frequency IC Design
ECE 498 ON2Neuromorphic VLSI Design
ECE 498 SMAutonomous Systems
ECE 498 YVSEngineering EM Compatibility
ECE 500ECE Colloquium
ECE 515Control System Theory & Design
ECE 517Nonlinear & Adaptive Control
ECE 523Plasma Tech of Gaseous Elec
ECE 524Advanced Computer Security
ECE 527System-On-Chip Design
ECE 530Large-Scale System Analysis
ECE 532Compnd Semicond & Diode Lasers
ECE 534Random Processes
ECE 535Theory of Semicond & Devices
ECE 539Adv Theory Semicond & Devices
ECE 544 NAPattern Recognition
ECE 551Digital Signal Processing II
ECE 553Optimum Control Systems
ECE 555Control of Stochastic Systems
ECE 562Advanced Digital Communication
ECE 563Information Theory
ECE 566Computational Inference
ECE 590 HGaseous Electronics
ECE 590 RSSSpace Science & Remote Sensing
ECE 590 SINSignals, Inferences & Networks
ECE 590 SIPSpeech
ECE 590 TLTeaching and Leadership
ECE 598 HCOHuman-Centered Robotics
ECE 598 HHWireless Networks & Mobile Sys
ECE 598 HHOWireless Networks & Mobile Sys
ECE 598 HPNHigh-Speed/Progrmable Networks
ECE 598 ICMInterplay-Ctlr & Mchn Learning
ECE 598 JKIntro to Humanoid Robotics
ECE 598 JKOIntro to Humanoid Robotics
ECE 598 KSHTopics in Electromechanics
ECE 598 MAVMethods for Bld Auton Vehicles
ECE 598 NSGDeep Learning in Hardware
ECE 598 ON1Deep Learning in Hardware
ECE 598 RIOEM of Continuum Media
ECE 598 RKIDependable AI Systems
ECE 598 SGLearning-Based Robotics
ECE 598 WZ2D Material Electr & Photonics
ECE 598 YZLight-Matter Interaction
ECE 598 YZOLight-Matter Interaction
ECE 598 ZPWave Physics in Wireless Comm
ENG 100Engineering Orientation
ENG 101Engineering at Illinois
ENG 110Comm & Pres Engr
ENG 177 AD1Leadership
ENG 177 CRCareer Ready
ENG 177 GCGrand Challenges
ENG 177 GC1GFX Career Scholars
ENG 177 GD1GFX Glbl Dis Resilience Schlrs
ENG 177 GL1GFX Leadership Scholars
ENG 177 GP1GFX-POETS Project Scholars
ENG 177 GR1GFX Research Scholars
ENG 177 GS1GFX Global Sustainability Scho
ENG 177 GSPGlobal Service Learning
ENG 177 GT1GFX THINK Scholars
ENG 177 ISIntroduction to Sustainability
ENG 177 LPDLdrshp & Professional Develpmt
ENG 177 PP1Introduction to Engineering I
ENG 177 PR1GFX Projects 1
ENG 177 PR2GFX Projects 2
ENG 177 SVSpatial Visualization
ENG 198 EATechnical Communication
ENG 199 AFirst Year Women Engineers
ENG 199 AR1Intro to Engrg-ARISE
ENG 199 AR3ARISE Enrichment
ENG 199 FW3First-Year Women Engineers
ENG 199 ISRUndergraduate Research Seminar
ENG 199 MMEP Mentoring
ENG 199 M1MEP Mentoring
ENG 199 M2MEP Mentoring
ENG 199 MP1Minorities Interested in Eng
ENG 199 PL2Undergraduate Open Seminar
ENG 199 PLTUndergraduate Open Seminar
ENG 199 PURPURE Research Program
ENG 199 UGRUndergrad Research Seminar
ENG 261Technology & Mgmt Seminar
ENG 298 CSPEthical & Professional Issues
ENG 298 SAWSuccess and Wellness
ENG 298 SEPSTEM Education Practicum
ENG 299Engineering Study Abroad
ENG 300Engrg Transfer Orientation
ENG 310Engrng Internship - Full-Time
ENG 310Engineering Internship
ENG 310Engrng Internship - Part-Time
ENG 471Seminar Energy & Sustain Engrg
ENG 491 CU1Cubesat 1
ENG 491 SAEAutomotive Design Projects
ENG 498 EATechnical Communication
ENG 510Engineering Practice
ENG 571Theory Energy & Sustain Engrg
ENG 572Professional Practicum
ENG 573Capstone Project
ENG 591Professional Seminar Series
ENG 591Engineering Advanced Seminar
ENG 598 TLTeaching and Leadership
ENG 598 TL2Teaching and Leadership 2
IE 300Analysis of Data
IE 310Determin Models in Optmzation
IE 360Facilities Planning and Design
IE 400Design & Anlys of Experiments
IE 405Computing for ISE
IE 410Adv Stochastic Process & Appl
IE 411Optimization of Large Systems
IE 412OR Models for Mfg Systems
IE 431Design for Six Sigma
IE 445Human Perform & Cogn in Contxt
IE 498 AWJob and Organization Design
IE 517Machine Learning in Fin Lab
IE 518Queueing Systems
IE 522Statistical Methods in Finance
IE 523Financial Computing
IE 524Optimization in Finance
IE 531Algorithms for Data Analytics
IE 532Analysis of Network Data
IE 533Big Graphs and Social Networks
IE 590Seminar
IE 598 AWJob and Organization Design
IE 598 CSQComputer Science for Quants
IE 598 FHCField Research in Health Care
IE 598 YZOnline Lrning & Decisn Making
ME 170Computer-Aided Design
ME 199Automotive Design Projects-DES
ME 199Automotive Design Projects-ADV
ME 199Automotive Design Projects-SAE
ME 200Thermodynamics
ME 270Design for Manufacturability
ME 310Fundamentals of Fluid Dynamics
ME 320Heat Transfer
ME 330Engineering Materials
ME 340Dynamics of Mechanical Systems
ME 360 AB3Signal Processing
ME 360 AB5Signal Processing
ME 360 AB6Signal Processing
ME 360 AB7Signal Processing
ME 360 AB8Signal Processing
ME 360 AB9Signal Processing
ME 360 ABCSignal Processing
ME 360 ABESignal Processing
ME 360 AL1Signal Processing
ME 360 AL2Signal Processing
ME 370Mechanical Design I
ME 371Mechanical Design II
ME 401Refrigeration and Cryogenics
ME 403Internal Combustion Engines
ME 410Intermediate Gas Dynamics
ME 411Viscous Flow & Heat Transfer
ME 420Intermediate Heat Transfer
ME 430Failure of Engrg Materials
ME 432Fundamentals of Photovoltaics
ME 445Introduction to Robotics
ME 451Computer-Aided Mfg Systems
ME 453Data Sci in Mfg Quality Cntrl
ME 458Add Mfg and Product Design
ME 461Computer Cntrl of Mech Systems
ME 470Senior Design Project
ME 471Finite Element Analysis
ME 482Musculoskel Tissue Mechanics
ME 487MEMS-NEMS Theory & Fabrication
ME 498 JBAdvanced Computer Control
ME 504Multiphase Systems & Processes
ME 512Physicochemical Hydrodynamics
ME 522Thermal Radiation
ME 523Nanoscale Energy Transport
ME 530Fatigue Analysis
ME 540Control System Theory & Design
ME 562Robust Adaptive Control
ME 586Mechanics of MEMS
ME 598 AWJScience Communication for ME
ME 598 DLSME and Design of Living System
ME 598 JBAdvanced Computer Control
ME 598 KOCAppl Ctrl Sys Design&Analysis
ME 598 KOLAppl Ctrl Sys Design&Analysis
ME 598 POCComp Model Indust Trans Proc
ME 598 POLComp Model Indust Trans Proc
ME 598 RLReinforcement Learning
ME 598 WJOScience Communication for ME
MSE 101Materials in Today's World
MSE 182Introduction to MatSE
MSE 201Phases and Phase Relations
MSE 206Mechanics for MatSE
MSE 280Engineering Materials
MSE 307Materials Laboratory I
MSE 401Thermodynamics of Materials
MSE 403Synthesis of Materials
MSE 404 CPCeramic Processing
MSE 404 MACComputational MSE- Macroscale
MSE 404 MICComputational MSE- Microscale
MSE 404 PC1Polymer Characterization
MSE 404 PC2Polymer Characterization
MSE 404 PC3Polymer Characterization
MSE 404 PS1Polymer Synthesis
MSE 404 PS2Polymer Synthesis
MSE 404 PS3Polymer Synthesis
MSE 404 TE1Thin Film Electrical Proprties
MSE 404 TE2Thin Film Electrical Proprties
MSE 404 TM1Thin Film Mechanical Proprties
MSE 404 TM2Thin Film Mechanical Proprties
MSE 406Thermal-Mech Behavior of Matls
MSE 421Ceramic Processing
MSE 440Mechanical Behavior of Metals
MSE 443Design of Engineering Alloys
MSE 445Corrosion of Metals
MSE 456Mechanics of Composites
MSE 457Polymer Chemistry
MSE 461Electronic Materials II
MSE 470Design and Use of Biomaterials
MSE 480Surfaces and Colloids
MSE 485Atomic Scale Simulations
MSE 489Matl Select for Sustainability
MSE 492Lab Safety Fundamentals
MSE 500Statistical Thermodyn of Matls
MSE 529Hard Materials Seminar
MSE 559Soft Materials Seminar
MSE 584Point and Line Defects
MSE 590Digi-Mat Prof Dev. Seminar
MSE 595Materials Colloquium
MSE 598 AH4Magnetic Mat'ls & Applications
MSE 598 AHOMagnetic Mat'ls & Applications
MSE 598 NPSolid State Ionics
NPRE 100Orientation to NPRE
NPRE 201Energy Systems
NPRE 247Modeling Nuclear Energy System
NPRE 402Nuclear Power Engineering
NPRE 423Plasma Laboratory
NPRE 431Materials in Nuclear Engrg
NPRE 432Nuclear Engrg Materials Lab
NPRE 446Radiation Interact w/Matter I
NPRE 448Nuclear Syst Engrg & Design
NPRE 451NPRE Laboratory
NPRE 457Safety Anlys Nucl Reactor Syst
NPRE 461Probabilistic Risk Assessment
NPRE 481Writing on Technol & Security
NPRE 483Seminar on Security
NPRE 498 PL1Plasma Laboratory Extension 1
NPRE 498 PL2Plasma Laboratory Extension 2
NPRE 501Fundamentals of Nuclear Engrg
NPRE 527Plasma Tech of Gaseous Elec
NPRE 555Reactor Theory I
NPRE 595Student Research Seminar
NPRE 596Seminar in Nuclear Sci & Engrg
NPRE 598 CPComputational Plasma Physics
PHYS 100Thinking About Physics
PHYS 101College Physics: Mech & Heat
PHYS 102College Physics: E&M & Modern
PHYS 110Physics Careers
PHYS 211University Physics: Mechanics
PHYS 212University Physics: Elec & Mag
PHYS 213Univ Physics: Thermal Physics
PHYS 214Univ Physics: Quantum Physics
PHYS 222Enrichment E & M
PHYS 225Relativity & Math Applications
PHYS 246Intro to Computational Physics
PHYS 325Classical Mechanics I
PHYS 326Classical Mechanics II
PHYS 329Atmospheric Dynamics I
PHYS 398 DLPSoph/Junr Special Topics Phys
PHYS 398 LASoph/Junr Special Topics Phys
PHYS 398 QICSoph/Junr Special Topics Phys
PHYS 401Classical Physics Lab
PHYS 402Light
PHYS 403Modern Experimental Physics
PHYS 404Electronic Circuits
PHYS 427Thermal & Statistical Physics
PHYS 435Electromagnetic Fields I
PHYS 436Electromagnetic Fields II
PHYS 466Atomic Scale Simulations
PHYS 485Atomic Phys & Quantum Theory
PHYS 486Quantum Physics I
PHYS 487Quantum Physics II
PHYS 496Intro to Physics Research
PHYS 505Classical Electromagnetism
PHYS 508Mathematical Physics I
PHYS 514Modern Atomic Physics
PHYS 516General Relativity II
PHYS 540Astrophysics
PHYS 561Condensed Matter Physics II
PHYS 565Theory of Semicond & Devices
PHYS 570Subatomic Physics
PHYS 580Quantum Mechanics I
PHYS 582General Field Theory
PHYS 596Graduate Physics Orientation
PHYS 598 CMXSpecial Topics in Physics
PHYS 598 PPCSpecial Topics in Physics
SE 100Introduction to ISE
SE 101Engineering Graphics & Design
SE 261Business Side of Engineering
SE 290ISE Undergraduate Seminar
SE 310Dsgn of Structures & Mechanism
SE 320Control Systems
SE 361Emotional Intelligence Skills
SE 400Engineering Law
SE 402Comp-Aided Product Realization
SE 410Component Design
SE 412Nondestructive Evaluation
SE 420Digital Control Systems
SE 450Decision Analysis I
SE 494Senior Engineering Project I
SE 495Senior Engineering Project II
SE 498 WN1Systems Engineering
SE 498 WN2Systems Engineering
SE 498 YL1Numerical Methods in Engr
SE 498 YL2Numerical Methods in Engr
SE 590Seminar
TAM 195Mechanics in the Modern World
TAM 201Mechanics for Technol & Mgmt
TAM 210Introduction to Statics
TAM 211Statics
TAM 212Introductory Dynamics
TAM 251Introductory Solid Mechanics
TAM 270Design for Manufacturability
TAM 324Behavior of Materials
TAM 335Introductory Fluid Mechanics
TAM 413Fund of Engrg Acoustics
TAM 416Intro to Nonlinear Dyn & Vib
TAM 424Mechanics of Structural Metals
TAM 428Mechanics of Composites
TAM 435Intermediate Fluid Mechanics
TAM 451Intermediate Solid Mechanics
TAM 461Cellular Biomechanics
TAM 470Computational Mechanics
TAM 531Inviscid Flow
TAM 539Fluid Mechanics Seminar
TAM 541Mathematical Methods I
TAM 545Advanced Continuum Mechanics
TAM 549Asymptotic Methods
TAM 551Solid Mechanics I
TAM 555Fracture Mechanics
TAM 598 MKOrthopedic Biomechanics
TAM 598 MKOOrthopedic Biomechanics
TE 100Intro to ILEE
TE 110Comm & Pres Engr
TE 200Introduction to Innovation
TE 230Design Thinking/Need-Finding
TE 250From Idea to Enterprise
TE 333Creativity, Innovation, Vision
TE 360Lect in Engrg Entrepreneurship
TE 398 FBootstrap to VC: Fund Startup
TE 398 IEDInnovation and Engr Design
TE 398 STDesign the Ultimate Pitch
TE 401DT for Womens Health
TE 401DT for Social Impact
TE 401Develop Breakthrough Projects
TE 401Intro to Design Thinking
TE 450Startups:Inc,Fund,Contracts,IP
TE 460Lect in Engrg Entrepreneurship
TE 461Technology Entrepreneurship
TE 466High-Tech Venture Marketing
TE 565Technol Innovation & Strategy
TE 566Finance for Engineering Mgmt
TE 567Venture Funded Startups
TE 598 C2Creativity, Innovation, Vision