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ABE 127 - Intro Agric & Biological Engr

Last offered Fall 2024

Official Description

Introduction to the engineering profession with career opportunities in the agricultural and biological engineering disciplines. Interactive class activities include concepts necessary for becoming a successful engineer including time management, design concepts, ethics, and team building. Students become familiar with laboratories, computer facilities, and other opportunities that are available to agricultural and biological engineering students. Class emphasis is on problem-solving skills, information synthesis, and technical communication. Course Information: May not receive credit for both ABE 100 and ABE 127.

Related Faculty

Intro Agric & Biological EngrRBH78644PKG21400 - 1450 T  208 Agricultural Engr Sciences Bld Rabin Bhattarai
Intro Agric & Biological EngrRBH78644PKG21300 - 1450 R  208 Agricultural Engr Sciences Bld Rabin Bhattarai