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TA Office Hours

Held weekly in the senior design lab (ECEB 2070/2072). NOTE:

Blue names are office hours held for only 30 minutes. The rest are for 1 hour.

Names highlighted in orange are additional office hours available up to the due date of the soldering assignment.

There are no office hours during the weeks of board reviews or final demos.

Chat Room

Ask technical questions here:

Spring 2023 Instructors

Name Area
Prof. Arne Fliflet (Instructor)
microwave generation and applications
Prof. Viktor Gruev (Instructor)
Prof. Rakesh Kumar (Instructor)
Prof. Olga Mironenko (Instructor)
Prof. Michael Oelze (Instructor)
ECEB 2056
Biomedical Imaging, Acoustics, Nondestructive Testing
Ugur Akcal (TA)
Computer Vision, Robotics, Control Theory, Machine Learning
Nikhil Arora (TA)
Mechanical Design, Automotive Technologies, Additive Manufacturing
Sainath Barbhai (TA)
Design Engineering, Finite Element Method, Sensors and Actuators
Vishal Dayalan (TA)
Mechanical Engineering, Data Science and Analytics, Design Modeling and Simulation
Prannoy Kathiresan (TA)
Mechanical engineering, automotive, thermal engineering, robotics, data science.
Zicheng Ma (TA)
Distributed systems, Database systems, Computer vision
Abhisheka Mathur Sekar (TA)
Mechanical Engineering, Design, Modelling and Simulation, Fluid Mechanics, MRI
Jason Paximadas (TA)
Power electronics, control, and instrumentation
Matthew Qi (TA)
Power Electronics
Akshatkumar Sanatbhai Sanghvi (TA)
Data Science and Machine Learning
Sarath Saroj (TA)
Hanyin Shao (TA)
Natural language processing/Machine learning
Dushyant Singh Udawat (TA)
Raman Singh (TA)
Space Systems; Astrodynamics & EDL; Optimization & Optimal Control
Selva Subramaniam (TA)
Yixuan Wang (TA)
Robotics; Computer Vision
Xiangyuan Zhang (TA)
CSL 360
Optimal & Robust Control Theory, Optimization, Machine Learning, Robotics

Other Important People

Name Office Phone Email Area
Scott McDonald 1049 ECE Building Machine Shop
Mark Smart 1041 ECE Building Electronics Services Shop
Casey Smith 3064 ECE Building Instructional Lab Coordinator
Waltham Smith 1041 ECE Building Electronic Services Shop
Skot Wiedmann 1041 ECE Building Electronic Services Shop

Smart Frisbee

Ryan Moser, Blake Yerkes, James Younce

Smart Frisbee

Featured Project

The idea of this project would be to improve upon the 395 project ‘Smart Frisbee’ done by a group that included James Younce. The improvements would be to create a wristband with low power / short range RF capabilities that would be able to transmit a user ID to the frisbee, allowing the frisbee to know what player is holding it. Furthermore, the PCB from the 395 course would be used as a point of reference, but significantly redesigned in order to introduce the transceiver, a high accuracy GPS module, and any other parts that could be modified to decrease power consumption. The frisbee’s current sensors are a GPS module, and an MPU 6050, which houses an accelerometer and gyroscope.

The software of the system on the frisbee would be redesigned and optimized to record various statistics as well as improve gameplay tracking features for teams and individual players. These statistics could be player specific events such as the number of throws, number of catches, longest throw, fastest throw, most goals, etc.

The new hardware would improve the frisbee’s ability to properly moderate gameplay and improve “housekeeping”, such as ensuring that an interception by the other team in the end zone would not be counted as a score. Further improvements would be seen on the software side, as the frisbee in it’s current iteration will score as long as the frisbee was thrown over the endzone, and the only way to eliminate false goals is to press a button within a 10 second window after the goal.