Lectures :: ECE 445 - Senior Design Laboratory


Spring 2023 Lecture Material:


Lecture #1:

(February 17, 2023)



Getting Started

  • Welcome to the class! (pptx, pdf)



Pre-Lecture #2:

(before February 24, 2023)



Beyond Ideation



Lecture #2:

(February 24, 2023)



Moving Forward

  • RFA, Proposal, High-Level Requirements, R&V Tables, and Block Diagram details (Slides)


Pre-Lecture #3:

(before March 3, 2023)



Design and Writing Tips



Lecture #3:

(March 3, 2023)



Last stop before the Proposal

  • Introduction (pptx)
  • Proposal Details (pptx)
  • Proposal Logistics (pptx)
  • Lab Notebooks (pptx)


Pre-Lecture #4:

(before March 10, 2023)



PCB Exercise Tips

  • Modular Design & Circuit Debugging (pdf)
  • Why PCB Exercise? (pptx)


Lecture #4:

(March 10, 2023)



Intellectual Property

  • Patents - Henry Wang, President IPwe
  • Weekly Meetings Info (pptx)
  • Proposal Q&A

Spring 2020 Video Lectures:


Finding a Problem (Video)
Generating Solutions (Video)
Diving Deeper (Video)
Voting (Video)
Reverse Brainstorming (Video)
Homework for Everyone (Video)

Important Information

Using the ECE 445 Website (Video)
Lab Notebook (Video , Slides)
Modular Design (Video, Slides)
Circuit Tips and Debugging (Video , Slides)
Spring 2018 IEEE Soldering Workshop (Slides)

Major Assignments and Milestones

Request for Approval (Video, Slides)
Project Proposal (Video, slides)
Design Document (Video, slides)
Design Review (Video, slides)
Writing Tips (Video, slides)

Smart Patient Gown for Monitoring ECG signals

Featured Project

Mike, Raj, and Sid created a "Smart Patient Gown for Monitoring ECG/EKG Signals" to improve doctor and nurse workflow and to create a platform for further improved healthcare instrumentation interface.

This project featured:

-Wireless data transmission

-Real-time ECG/EKG Analysis and Diagnostics

-Visual feedback on a patient gown

-Low power circuitry

-Improved comfort compared to current portable ECG devices