Safety Guidelines

ECE 445 Safety Guidelines

  1. No one is allowed to work in the lab alone. At least 2 people must be in the lab at all times.
  2. Everyone must complete a mandatory online safety training in order to be allowed to work in the lab. Certificates of completion must submitted on Blackboard.
  3. Any group planning on working with high voltages is required to complete additional safety training.
  4. Any group charging or utilizing certain battery chemistries must read, understand, and follow guidelines for safe battery usage.
  5. If you're working on any project involving electric current running through a human subject, you must read through and understand these guidelines for Safe Current Limits!

Requirements and Grading

The Laboratory Safety Training must be completed by all students enrolled in ECE 445. This module can be found on University's Division of Research Safety website.

Authentication System for SARS-CoV-2 Management

Jiongfan Chen, Zheyuan Zhang, Zhonghao Zhang, Pengyang Zhou

Featured Project


- Pengyang Zhou [pz6]

- Jiongfan Chen [jc47]

- Zheyuan Zhang [zheyuan5]

- Zhonghao Zhang [zz46]


Preventing SARS-CoV-2 spread requires managing access to public spaces using a phone app. Scanning QR code at the entrance is inconvenient and leads to crowding. Specifically, access control in some other places requires users to take out their mobile phones and show green or blue codes to verify their identity, which also makes users feel troublesome. How to let the user be able to pass the access control quickly is a huge problem to be solved. On the other hand, the health code observed by the human eye is easy to fabricate. How to improve security is also a big problem.


We plan to design a wearable wristband for users. When passing through the access control, a corresponding RFID detection device can send identity query requests to users' wristbands from a distance, and the users' wristbands will respond to convey users' identity and health information. In addition, the wristband itself will send out a signal every few seconds to interact with other wristbands. This would help to monitor people suspected of being infected.


### Wristband Subsystem:

- Broadcast the user token for other wristbands to record the passers-by.

- Receiver the request for identity from the receiver and send back the user token.

### Inspection Device at Access Control Subsystem:

- Send signals to the wristband and receive the feedback of the user identity information, through the database verification and comparison to determine the health status of the user.


- The wristband connects the inspection device and carries out information transfer successfully, and interconnects with other wristbands.

- The inspection device and database can verify the identity and health information of the user trying to enter.

- If the wristband is lost, it cannot be used by others.

- The user token is hard to be fabricated.


- Wireless communication hardware design, setup, and verification - Zhonghao Zhang (EE).

- Design and manufacture of the wristband and inspection device at access control - Jiongfan Chen (ME).

- Build the data center; Encryption and handling of data - Zheyuan Zhang & Pengyang Zhou (ECEs).