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7 Drone Delivery System for Takeaway Business
Ximo Wang
Yanbing Yang
Yang Chen
Yuzheng Zhu
Jiahuan Cui
**Team Member (NetId)**
- Ximo Wang (ximow2)
- Yanbing Yang (yanbing7)
- Yang Chen (yangc7)
- Yuzheng Zhu (yz83)

We are going to design and realize an airway delivery system with drone, container and cloud server. Delivery of light weight, medium range, fast response with a city is a strong demand especially during rush hour. Traditional airway delivery drones with GPS guiding are not precise enough for landing in limited space. Existing delivery drones on market requires the manual operation during picking and placing the goods.

**Solution Overview**
The basic parts of our solution are delivery drone and automatic containers. The drone can communicate with container to fetch the delivery information while picking up goods. An app connects the container, cloud server and costumer is designed as well.

**Solution Components (Also Distribution of Work)**
- Light Delivery Drone (Yanbing)
Design and manufacture a quadrotor UAV with special structure for transition between picking-up mode and shipping mode. The drone will realize the function of self-navigation, precise landing, automatic obstacle avoidance, RTK communication and cloud server connection.
- Navigation System with RTK (Ximo)
Real-Time Kinematics operates by augmenting the standard Global Navigation Satellite System positioning technique with real-time correction data. The device applies corrections to its own GNSS calculations, resulting in highly accurate positioning with centimeter-level precision. Using this method, our UAV can find the accurate position of container when landing.
- Automatic Container (Yuzheng)
The container needs to interface with the drone, responsible for automatically storing objects delivered to the landing pad by the drone into the container. It also handles transporting goods placed in the locker by the merchant to the landing pad for the drone to pick up and deliver.
- Communication System (Yang)
Our drone needs to communicate with both container and cloud. In this way, user can send delivery request and know the progress of the delivery, even the current location of the drone. The container would also know the status of the drone and resend message if possible.

**Criterion for Success**
Our solution can accurately deliver the requested good from one location to the destination without manual operations. The drone can pick up the package and deliver it to the destination independently. What the user needs to do is just put the package into the container and get their package from the container.

Foodpanda has piloted food deliveries in Singapore using multirotor drones from ST Engineering and in Pakistan using VTOL drones from Woot Tech. Flytrex has delivered over 55K orders by drone in three towns in North Carolina and Texas since 2022, including Starbucks coffee, Walmart, Chick-fil-A, Papa John's pizza and more.
Our solution differs from existing solutions since it’s more convenient and cheaper. The drone and the delivery container are integrated, with the container serving both as a storage unit and a landing pad. Both merchants and customers need only to concentrate on the order itself. Placing an order through the program is all that's required, as all decision-making, delivery, and interfacing are fully automated. We use low-cost standard components to reduce expenses.

LED Cube

Featured Project

LED technology is more advanced and much more efficient than traditional incandescent light bulbs and as such our team decided we wanted to build a device related to LEDs. An LED cube is inherently aesthetically pleasing and ours will be capable of displaying 3D animations and lighting patterns with much increased complexity compared to any 2D display of comparable resolution. Environmental interaction will also be able to control the various lighting effects on the cube. Although our plan is for a visually pleasing cube, our implementation can easily be adapted for more practical applications such as displaying 3D models.