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33 3D model of a satellite footprint over the Earth
Kuangji Chen
Lunan Ke
Wenhan Jiang
Zhihua Gong
Pavel Loskot
Show a 3D model of a single satellite footprint over the Earth. The idea is to make the satellite stationary or move it along a 1D axis to vary its altitude, whereas the 3D Earth placed in a stand with internal wheels can rotate in a pre-calculated way.

Augmenting AR/VR with Smell

Baoyi He, Yingying Liu, Kaiyuan Tan, Xiao Wang

Featured Project


- **Kaiyuan Tan** (kt19)

- **Baoyi He** (baoyihe2)

- **Xiao Wang** (xiaow4)

- **Yingying Liu** (yl73)


Augmenting AR/VR with Smell


Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) technologies are rapidly growing and becoming more prevalent in our daily lives. However, these technologies have not yet fully addressed the sense of smell, which is a critical aspect of human experience. The absence of scent in AR/VR experiences limits the immersive potential of these technologies, preventing users from experiencing a full sensory experience.


The solution is to augment AR/VR experiences with smell, enabling users to experience a full sensory experience. This will be achieved by incorporating hardware and software components that can simulate various scents in real-time, in response to events in the AR/VR environment. The solution will consist of a scent-emitting device and software that can track and simulate scents based on the user's location and orientation in the AR/VR environment.


The solution will consist of the following components:

- **Scent-emitting device**: This device will be designed to emit various scents in real-time. It will be portable and lightweight, making it easy for users to carry around during AR/VR experiences.

- **Scent simulation software**: This software will be designed to track the user's location and orientation in the AR/VR environment and simulate scents accordingly. The software will use various algorithms to determine the intensity and duration of scent emissions.

- **AR/VR hardware**: The solution will require AR/VR hardware to create the immersive environment. This hardware will include AR/VR headsets, controllers, and other peripherals necessary to interact with the AR/VR environment.


The success of the project will be determined by the following criteria:

- **Immersive Experience**: The solution must provide an immersive AR/VR experience that incorporates smell as a key sensory input.

- **User Acceptance**: The solution must be accepted by users, who should be able to appreciate and enjoy the experience.

- **Technical Feasibility**: The solution must be technically feasible and reliable, with a low latency and high accuracy in scent simulation.

- **Scalability**: The solution should be scalable and adaptable to different AR/VR environments and hardware configurations.

- **Safety**: The solution must be safe for users and the environment, with proper ventilation and control mechanisms to prevent any harm or discomfort caused by excessive or inappropriate scent emissions.


- Model various scenerios based on AR/VR hardware. *(Tan)*

- Design algorithms which output the intensity and duration of scents based on the constructed scenerios. *(He & Liu)*

- Merge the scene with scents smoothly. *(He & Wang & Liu)*

- Design a protable scent-emitting device. *(Wang)*

- Test using real scents, invite people to experience and adjust based on feedback. *(All)*