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34 Virtual Band
Han Chen
Lenny Liu
Xuan Tang
Zhanpeng Li
Huan Hu
The goal of the Virtual Band project is to provide a new musical instrument interface that provides users with an exclusive and engaging experience. The system's integration of pressure sensors enables precise measurement of the pressing pressure applied by the user, thereby influencing the instrument's output sound level. A camera is also used to follow the hand's movement, which makes instrument key detection easier and improves the user's intuitive interface interaction. The electrical impulses are converted into high-quality instrument sound outputs by utilizing cutting-edge audio processing techniques, giving consumers a smooth and genuine musical performance experience. In order to create a dynamic and captivating musical interface, the Virtual Band project combines motion tracking, audio processing, and sensor technologies—a new approach to music technology.

A crowd-sourcing urban air quality monitoring system with bikes

Kaiwen Hong, Zhengxin Jiang, Haofan Lu, Haoqiang Zhu

Featured Project


For public bike users, someone may concern about the air quality in which they are currently riding, as well as the places they are going to. However, currently there is no such an air quality monitoring system which provides air quality information in specific areas inside a city such as Haining.

**Solution Overview**

The idea is to apply air quality monitoring devices on the public bike system. The public bike system in Haining is a perfect carrier for IoT (Internet of Things) devices and urban sensing since it has a large and stable user group and all bikes are managed by official organization which means unified modification on all bikes can be done. A monitoring device integrated on the bike can provide the real-time information that users want to know and share data with other users through a cloud server. A real-time air quality map can be created for users with the contribution from all running bikes.

**Solution Components**

Subsystem 1 – on-bike air quality monitoring device. The subsystem is a stm32 microcontroller based design, integrated with air contaminant sensor, speed meter and data transmission modules. Once connected to a smartphone, the subsystem will keep transmitting real-time data to the smartphone.

Subsystem 2 – Software include a user interface and a server. The user interface can be either an app or a website on smartphone. The user interface receives sensor data from the hardware subsystem, displays the real-time statistics, uploads sensor data to server and receives the air quality map from server. The server processes data from all running bikes, creates a real-time air quality map and returns it back to users.

**Criterion for Success**

1. Success of data collection: stable real-time statistic display on user interface, stable data collection on server.

2. Air quality visualization: The air quality map correctly reflects the air quality in Haining city. For example, the concentration of air contamination should be higher in heavy traffic than in intl campus.

3. Speed control: The on-bike device or smartphone should give an alert when the monitored speed exceeds the upper limit or the user set range. This is not the core function of our design, but we add it as we think the function makes sense for safety purpose.