Course Schedule

(This schedule will be adjusted as the semester progresses. Future topics are a best-estimate on when we expect to cover them.)

Date Event

Week 1

Aug. 24 Course Introduction and Binary Representation Assignments Released:
Aug. 26 Hexadecimal, Character Encodings, and C Programming Assignments Released:

Week 2

Aug. 31 Binary Math, Two’s Complement and Logic Gates
Sep. 2 ISAs and Instruction Sets, File Types, & Memory Assignments Released:

Week 3

Sep. 7 Locality of Reference and Virtual Memory
Sep. 9 Page Eviction, Replacement, Heap Management Assignments Released:

Week 4

Sep. 14 Memory Finale and Reflection on Part 1
Sep. 16 Fragmentation, Threads, and pthreads Assignments Released:

Week 5

Sep. 21 [Limited] Direct Execution and Threads II
Sep. 23 Synchronization, Dining Philosophers, and Deadlock Assignments Released:

Week 6

Sep. 28 Inter-process Communications (IPC) and Networking
Sep. 30 Networking and HTTP Assignments Released:

Week 7

You will sign up to take your Midterm 1 exam in the CBTF anytime from Oct. 5 - Oct. 9
Oct. 5 Web Services, Python, and flask
Oct. 7 No Lecture — Midterm Exam 1
Assignments Released:

Week 8

Oct. 12 Virtualization and Abstractions
Oct. 14 Web Servers Assignments Released:

Week 9

Oct. 19 Service Architectures
Oct. 21 Docker Containers
Assignments Released:
  • MP8 (Due Friday, Oct. 29 by 11:59pm)
  • Homework 9 (Due Friday, Oct. 29 by 11:59pm)

Week 10

Oct. 26 Docker Manifest and Configuration
Oct. 28 Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)
Assignments Released:
  • MP9 (Due Friday, Nov. 5 by 11:59pm)
  • Homework 10 (Due Friday, Nov. 5 by 11:59pm)

Week 11

Nov. 2 Service Architectures
Nov. 4 Microservices
Assignments Released:
  • Final Project (Week 1, Due Friday, Nov. 12 by 11:59pm)

Week 12

Nov. 9 Microservice Adopters
Nov. 11 Infrastrucutre as a Service (IaaS): AWS EC2, etc
Assignments Released:
  • Final Project (Week 2, Due Friday, Nov. 19 by 11:59pm)

Week 13

Nov. 16 Platform as a Service (PaaS): Platforms on the Cloud
Nov. 18 Sofware as a Service (SaaS): Cloud-based Software

Week 14

Nov. 23 No Lecture — Fall Break
Nov. 25 No Lecture — Fall Break

Week 15

You will sign up to take your Midterm 2 exam in the CBTF anytime from Nov. 30 - Dec. 5
Nov. 30 Cloud Distribtuion: CDNs, Load Balancing, and more
Assignments Released:
  • Final Project (Finale)
Dec. 2 No Lecture — Midterm Exam II

Week 16

Dec. 7 Final Project