CS/ECE 374: Introduction to Algorithms & Models of Computation
Fall 2020

Final grades are now posted on gradescope, and were uploaded to banner.
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Final exam was on Prairie Learn

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Instructor Teaching Assistants Course Assistants
Andrew Miller (email)
Sariel Har-Peled (email)
Nickvash Kani (email)
  • (Head TA) Shant Boodaghians (boodagh2)

    Tanvi Bajpai (tbajpai2)
    Michael Cinkoske (mjc18)
    Jinghan Huang (jinghan4)
    Samir Khan (mskhan6)
    Pooja Kulkarni (poojark2)
    Junyeob Lim (junyeob2)
    Vasileios Livanos (livanos3)
    Patrick Feltes (pfeltes2)
    Eliot Robson (erobson2)
    Emerson Sie (sie2)
    Zhoushi Zhu (zzhu31)

Shar Alamgir (alamgir2)
David Brewster (davidb2)
Joshua Chang (chchang6)
Adithya Chari (aschari2)
Jiaqi Cheng (jiaqic6)
Sahil Modi (smodi9)
Vivek Gupta (vivekg2)
Minhao Jiang (minhaoj2)
Aryaman Jain (aryaman4)
Rishub Podar (podar2)
Noah Watson (nwatson)
Eric Zhang (ericsz2)
Danielle Yang (dy6)
Robert Lou (robertl3)




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