CS/ECE 374: Frequently asked questions

  1. Q: How to draw a DFA/NFA?
    A: You are of course welcome to just use free form drawing by using a pen and a paper, but if you want nicer looking results, here are a few options:

  2. Q: How to get DRES accommodation for homeworks and exams?

    A: Please email the instructors in the class your LOA (letter of accommodation) from DRES. We will give you whatever extra time for exams as the letter requires us. As for homeworks, the situations is somewhat more complicated. If you have accommodation for homework, you can submit your homework up to 24 hours later. To do so, please email Samir Kahn the pdf of your homework (he might ask you to upload the solutions to gradescope yourself). We expect people to use this late submission rarely, on need basis, as stated in such LOAs. No submission would be accepted once the solutions to the homeworks are released.

    Explanation: These letter usually say "These accommodations are not intended to substantially alter the nature of the course." However, we are trying to release the homework solutions in a timely fashion (i.e., 24 hours after the deadline) so that:

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