CS/ECE 374: Office hours

Office hours would be held using Queue@Illinois + Discord. The workflow will be as follows: For everyone wishing to ask/hear general-purpose questions, go to the general channel at discord. Please be respectful of each other!

For everyone wishing to ask a question more privately of the TA/CAs, please go to the above discord link and go into one of the numbered rooms with your teammates. Then, go to the queue, and submit a queue entry, stating which discrod room you are in. Private questions will be limited to 5-10 minutes of TA time per queue entry. (5 minutes soft deadline, 10 minutes hard deadline.)

Questions posted to the queue should be reasonably detailed (but not too detailed, since there is 200 characters limit). Questions like "I am stuck" would be deleted from the queue. Unforutnately, we do not have time in office hours to verify your complete solution and give you direct feedback on it - this is what the grading of the homerworks is for (and you are doing the homeworks in groups, so that together you can debug your answers).

You can use a service such as Google jamboard to share a whiteboard. Hopefully this goes smoothly! If you are in a country where discord is blocked (e.g. China or the UAE), you can use your UIUC VPN to access, hopefully. Please let us know if this is a problem.


Conceptual Office Hours: Tanvi B., Sundays at 3pm.

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
2–3am   Jinghan H. (TA)
Vivek G. (CA)
Jiasheng H. (CA)
9–10am Zhoushi Z.        
10–11am Patrick F. (TA) Shant B. (TA)
Aryaman J. (CA)
Noah W. (CA)
11–12pm       Sariel H.  
1–2pm Michael C. (TA)
Rishub P. (CA)
Samir K. (TA)
Hanxuan C. (CA)
Sahil M. (CA)
2:00–3:30pm   [Lecture]   [Lecture] Emerson S. [2-3pm]
3:30–4:30pm Tanvi B. (TA)
Vinay K. (CA)
Eliot R. (TA)
Adithya C. (CA)
Jiangran W. (CA)
  Andrew M.  
4:30–5:30pm   Vasilis L. (TA)
Michael J. (CA)
David B. (CA)
  Nickvash K.  
5–6pm         Junyeob L.
10:30–11:30pm Pooja K. (TA)
Yong T. (CA)
Xuyang T. (CA)