CS/ECE 374 fa20: The situation

This is the first time this course is offered online only. This is stressful for both you and us. We will try to be as accomdating as possible within the limits of common sense, and trying to stick to the past high standards of this class.

We do not know what works and what does not. Please let us know if you find something we do useful, and more importantly, let us know if something we do turns out to be useless.

Some suggestions, for doing well in the class

  1. Try to watch the lectures live. If you can not watch them live, try to watch the recordings. Alternatively, you might want to watch the prerecorded lectures.
  2. Try to watch the discussion sections live, or follow the suggestions above.
  3. Work in groups on the homeworks.
  4. Start work on the homeworks early as soon as they are being released (yeh, yeh, I am sure this is going to happen, but nevertheless, this is a good advise).

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