This page represents a best-effort prediction of course topics and pacing. As this is my first time teaching UIUC students and my first time teaching this particular flavor of computer graphics, it is likely I’ll update the pacing (and possibly order) of topics several times.

Materials presented in class (such as code samples, Q&A text, and illustrative sketches) will be posted here after class. Links to recordings of lectures will also be posted here once those recordings are processed by the media library and ready for viewing.

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24 Aug
welcome and overview of real-time video.webm and audio.mp3 and overview of real-time and qa.txt and slides.pdf
26 Aug
graphics apis and rasters video.webm and audio.mp3 and graphics apis and dots or squares and in-class activity and slides.pdf
2 Sep
Add deadline
projection and compositing video.webm and audio.mp3 and Fixed functionality §2 and slides.pdf
20 Sep
27 Sep
28 Sep
homogeneous coordinates homogeneous coordinates
30 Sep
homogeneous coordinates homogeneous coordinates
5 Oct
CPU/GPU communication ex html and ex js and ex geom and ex vertex and ex fragment
7 Oct
matrices and quaternions
11 Oct
12 Oct
fractal terrain
14 Oct
Drop deadline
mathematical terrain
19 Oct
user input and coordinate systems
21 Oct
image formats
25 Oct
26 Oct
28 Oct
bumps and shadows
2 Nov
4 Nov
9 Nov
visual simulation
11 Nov
Lagrangian methods
15 Nov
16 Nov
Eulerian methods
18 Nov
linear systems
30 Nov
2 Dec
7 Dec

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We will have a final, and might do computer-based testing or in-person testing (not yet decided).