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Welcome to Physics 213!

Note that class starts ONE WEEK EARLY compared to most 8-week courses: October 9 will be the first day of class. We will meet in Loomis 141 at the lecture time you've signed up for.

Below please find some useful information on getting set up for the first day of class:

Things to do in preparation for this class:
* Read prelecture 1 (available on the schedule).
* Make sure that you can log into smart.physics and answer the prelecture checkpoints by 8 AM on 10/9. I believe it should be possible to see the assignment now.
* Log into campuswire. You can get the signup link and code on the website under "online links." You should also 

ATTENDANCE POLICY: All components of this class will be held synchronously. For lectures, there are no excuses, just a very generous number of automatic drops. For discussion and labs, please submit any excuses using the app on the webpage. You will need some documentation as noted on the webpage. If you are sick, please make sure to get a doctor's note and stay home to avoid.

SWAPPING SECTIONS: Many people accidentally drop themselves from the class, so be careful doing this! Note the early drop deadline for the short course. If you have any questions you can email, and see the webpage for details.

You'll experience the material in the following order:
 - Prelecture document
 - Checkpoint questions due the morning of lecture (Q&A questions will be posted on campuswire)
 - Lecture (Mondays and Wednesday, will be recorded and posted on the webpage)
 - Homework (note that they are due at 8 AM on Tuesdays)
 - Discussion (graded on participation)
 - Lab (3 total; check the schedule. You will need to do a prelab.)
 - Two midterms and a final exam at CBTF. (check the schedule)

Multiple exposures of the material will really help you understand the concepts in the class; if you actively participate in all these, I think you'll find the course enjoyable, or at least comprehensible. No one understands thermal physics on their first try!

All of this is outlined on the schedule on the webpage: There are 13 units over the seven weeks (2/week except the last few weeks). This will show up as two homework assignments per week; these are designed such that each homework assignment is about half a week's worth of work and focuses mainly on its unit. Each discussion section covers the material from the week before, with the first week focusing on reviewing prerequisite material (very very important). 

Quizzes and Exams for this class will be administered by the CBTF. If you have extended time due to DRES, make sure you submit the request to them as early as possible.
Office hours will be offered starting the second week of classes.

Profs. Wagner, El-Khadra, Bezryadin, and the rest of the PHYS 213 teaching team.


Students must be on time and prepared for lecture.


Students must be on time and prepared for discussion.


Students must be on time and prepared for labs.



Excused Absences

Academic Integrity