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Contact Information

Course Communication

Official University e-mail addresses are exclusively used for official electronic communication. When the instructors for this course need to communicate with the students, they will use their official University issued e-mail accounts.

Students are expected to check their University issued e-mail account regularly and act on any communications received. Students are expected to communicate to their instructors using their official University e-mail address. Any e-mail messages sent from non-University e-mail accounts may not be acted upon by instructors, to preserve student privacy.

Please note the following email rules:

  1. Use your official University of Illinois email account.
  2. Put "PHYS213" in the subject line and include some words about the subject of your email. For example: "PHYS213: problem with gradebook."
  3. Include your full name in your email message.
  4. Please check the schedule to see when assignments are due, and the home page for any announcements.
  5. Any questions about the material/help should be directed to Piazza. Logistical questions that are not confidential should also be directed to Piazza

Please use the email addresses listed below if you have any questions about any of the course components listed below.

Topic Email address Description
iClicker N/A Questions about grades, functionality, etc. Note: Please do not write about credit if you forgot your iClicker, etc. It's not worth that much, and also, you have 5 'freebies'.
Discussions * Questions concerning posting of solutions, solutions to a particular problem, etc.
Labs * Questions concerning Labs/Prelabs (however, this is not meant to be a 'help-line', e.g., 'how do I solve Problem 2?')
Exams Questions regarding scheduling, conflicts, missed Exams, etc.
Administrative Assistance Section changes, course registration, exam scheduling, excused absence policy, late or missing instructors
Miscellaneous Anything that doesn't fall under one of the above categories.

* If you have an issue specifically for your Lab or Discussion TA (e.g., you are going to miss section, etc.), you should email them directly.