ECE 457 – Microwave Devices & Circuits

Fall 2022


  • The projects in this course were designed to give the student the opportunity to verify theoretical concepts introduced in lecture and to understand how these concepts relate to real-world designs.

  • Two projects will be posted on Canvas.

  • Projects are due on Canvas at 11:59PM Champaign Time on the due date.

  • All the project reports should be submitted to Canvas.

  • The projects in this course should be done in two-person groups, with a maximum of one undergraduate student in each group.

  • Late project reports will not be accepted, unless under exceptional circumstances approved by the instructor.

Project Due Date Grades
Project 1 10/21 10%
Project 2 (Part A) TBD 15%
Project 2 (Part B) 12/16 5%

Project Regrades

Submit a written description (word/pdf) explaining in detail why you think a correction should be made.

Please direct your project re-grading requests to the TA.