ECE 457 – Microwave Devices & Circuits

Fall 2022


Seven (7) written assignments will be posted on Canvas. Homeworks are due on Thursday in class. Late homework will not be accepted unless under exceptional circumstances approved by the instructor, at least a day before due date.

Homework Due Date
Homework 1 9/8
Homework 2 9/22
Homework 3 10/6
Homework 4 10/27
Homework 5 11/10
Homework 6 TBD
Homework 7 TBD

Homework Policies

Written assignments are due in class on the specified due date. You are expected to provide detailed explanations of your solutions in order to obtain full credit on your homework assignments. Conversely, solutions lacking full explanations will receive zero credit even when the answer provided may be correct and furthermore suspicions of copying may lead to 'academic integrity violation’ cases being opened against you.

Work should be submitted on blank paper. Each page should contain no more than one question. Start each problem on a new sheet of paper.

Homework Format

The homework solution should be clearly legible. Illegible homework will not be graded. It is recommend to box your answers, show ALL of your work, and generally make it easier for the graders to grade to maximize your scores on HW. The student's name, netid, and homework number should be clearly written on top of every page.

Homework Solution

Homework solutions will be provided on Canvas. The responsibility is yours to make sure you know how to solve the problems. Help is available from Prof. Chen, the TA, and fellow students.

Homework Regrades

Submit the scanned copy of the homework under question along with a written description (word/pdf), explaining in detail why you think a correction should be made (you can use a smart phone scanner app, such as CamScan).

Please direct your HW re-grading requests to the TA