CS440/ECE448 Artificial Intelligence, Spring 2022

This course provides an introductory survey of concepts and techniques in artificial intelligence. Intelligence is the ability to plan, learn, and communicate; AI is the creation of machines that do these things. We will also look at applications including games, robotics, computer vision, and natural language understanding.

This course assumes that you have taken data structures (CS225) and therefore, by transitivity, Discrete Structures and Calculus I. A probability and/or statistics course (e.g., CS 361, ECE 313) is strongly recommended. This course is intended to be a first course in AI. If you have already taken other machine learning or AI courses (e.g. CS 446), be prepared to review some familiar material.

On-line Tools

  • CampusWire will be used for on-line question answering. If you need the code to enter this site, send an e-mail to the course instructors.

  • Gradescope will be used to submit machine problems, and to grade exams. The code to join Gradescope is on CampusWire.

  • PrairieLearn will be used to submit biweekly quizzes. You should be able to join directly using the URL given here.

  • You can watch the lectures remotely on Echo360, either live (MWF 1pm Urbana time), or recorded.


The textbook is Russell and Norvig, Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach, fourth edition.

You will also need a reference for Python, which we will use to write the MPs. A good place to start is the the Python Tutorial.