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Textbooks and extra material

This course will mainly follow Sean M. Carroll "Spacetime and Geometry" and it is a required textbook. You are strongly encouraged to take notes during the lectures as some material is drawn from other references. All required textbooks listed below are available, e.g., at UIUC's libraries or can be ordered at the Illini bookstore.

Required textbooks:

  1. Sean M. Carroll, "Spacetime and Geometry", Cambridge University Press, 2019

Recommended additional textbooks:

There are a large number of excellent textbooks on General Relativity, and you are encouraged to review topics of the lecture in additional material such as:
(Note: the list is still not exhaustive)

Further reading

An earlier version of Sean Carroll's textbook is available as lecture notes here.

Some of the classic texts in gravitation have been digitized and you can find them here:

The ArXiv

If you wish to read about the latest developments physics, you can find open-access preprints of scientific articles on the arxiv. The most relevant category for gravitational physics is gr-qc.