PHYS 515 :: Physics Illinois :: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Piazza - online discussion platform

You are encouraged to discuss with each other about contents of the course as science and research lives from interaction and discussion as much as it does from "doing a calculation." In addition to in-person interactions, we also use the online platform Piazza  where you can post questions and collaborate to edit responses to these questions.

The Piazza forum will live from your discussion, responses and feedback. While we will check once per working day, we encourage you to submit first answers or thoughts to your colleagues questions. If you have a question yourself, please check first if someone else may have posted a similar question before opening a new thread. Finally, additional material, like an interesting paper that you read or a relevant meme that you came across, are welcome (needless to say that they have to be appropriate and relevant to the topic).

As fantastic as Piazza is to simulate real class discussions and to get answers to difficult question quickly, we do expect you to treat each other respectfully and professionally to make it a fruitful and safe experience for everyone.

You can access the Piazza platform here.