PHYS 515 :: Physics Illinois :: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Lectures will take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 13:00pm - 14:20pm in 222 Loomis Laboratory.
Recordings of the lectures will be posted on mediaspace.

Homework sets will be made available on Tuesdays after the lecture, starting in week 2, on this website. They are due on the following Tuesday before 11:55pm Central US and they have to be submitted online via my.physics.
In general, you are allowed to use computer algebra software, like Maple or Mathematica, or Python, unless stated otherwise. If you do use computer algebra software, together with your PDF solution, you must provide a well-formatted print out of your code. You are not allowed to use a computer algebra packages, such as grTensor or xTensor (or similar), to calculate tensorial quantities.

If you have any issues logging in to view any of the secured documents below, please try adding "uofi\" (without the quotes) in front of your netid.

For details on semester dates, registration deadlines, etc. please check the Academic calendar.

Week Date Lecture Homework
1-hour paper review
1 Tue 08/22/2023 Introduction to class
L1. Special Relativity
Thu 08/24/2023 L2. Special Relativity  
2 Tue 08/29/2023 L3. Lorentz transformations

HW 1 assigned
HW 1 solution

Thu 08/31/2023 L4. Vectors and 1-forms  
3 Tue 09/05/2023 L5. Tensors HW 1 due
HW 2 assigned
HW 2 solution
Thu 09/07/2023 L6. Tensors
Physics in flat spacetimes
paper review 1 due
4 Tue 09/12/2023 L7. Physics in flat spacetimes HW 2 due
HW 3 assigned
HW 3 solution
Thu 09/14/2023 L8. Manifolds  
5 Tue 09/19/2023 L9. Manifolds HW 3 due
HW 4 assigned
HW 4 solution
Thu 09/21/2023 L10. Tensors in curved spacetimes  
6 Tue 09/26/2023 L11. Tensors in curved spacetimes HW 4 due
HW 5 assigned
HW 5 solution
Thu 09/28/2023 L12.Covariant derivatives paper review 2 due
7 Tue 10/03/2023 L13. Geodesics HW 5 due
No homework assigned
Thu 10/05/2023 L14. Riemann curvature, Symmetries  
8 Tue 10/10/2023 MIDTERM EXAM No homework due
HW 6 assigned
HW 6 solution
Thu 10/12/2023 L15. Gravitation  
9 Tue 10/17/2023 L16. Einstein's equations HW 6 due
HW 7 assigned
HW 7 solution
Thu 10/19/2023 L17. Lagrangian formulation paper review 3 due
10 Tue 10/24/2023 L18. Properties of Einstein's equations HW 7 due
HW 8 assigned
HW 8 solution
Thu 10/26/2023 L19. The Schwarzschild metric  
11 Tue 10/31/2023 L20. The Schwarzschild metric HW 8 due
HW 9 assigned
HW 9 solution
Thu 11/02/2023 L21. Geodesics of the Schwarzschild metric  
12 Tue 11/07/2023 L22. Black holes HW 9 due
HW 10 assigned
HW 10 solution
Thu 11/09/2023 L23. Black holes paper review 4 due
13 Tue 11/14/2023 L24. Neutron stars HW 10 due
HW 11 assigned
HW 11 solution
Thu 11/16/2023 L25. Gravitational waves  
14 11/18/2023 -- 11/26/2023 Fall Break  
15 Tue 11/28/2023 L26. Gravitational waves HW 11 due
HW 12 assigned
Thu 11/30/2023 L27. Cosmology  
16 Tue 12/05/2023 L28. Cosmology HW 12 due
Thu 12/07/2023 Reading Day
Fr 12/08/2023 -- Mo 12/11/2023 Final Exam