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1-hour paper review

Reading and reviewing scientific papers in a short time is an essential skill as a researcher. In this course you will practice this skill by reviewing four scientific papers throughout the semester.
Each review should not take you more than 60 minutes. Please follow the instructions, and answer the questions listed there, so that you don't spent more than 60 minutes on the review.

Your review should be about an exciting research paper that you can find on the web about gravitation (broadly defined). You can search for papers using, e.g., the arXiv, iNSPIRES, Google Scholar, or the APS journals (Phys. Rev. Letters, Phys. Rev. D), IOP journals (Classical and Quantum Gravity), Journal for High-Energy Physics, etc.
Some suggestions for classic or recent research papers are here.

The 1-hour paper reviews are due approximately every 3 weeks as indicated in the schedule. They should be submitted online.

Please note that you will not be graded for your understanding of the paper that you review. Instead, you will get the points by making an honest effort to satisfy the instructions, that will teach you important skills that all scientists should have: reading a paper efficiently.

The paper review will make up 8% of your final grade.

Please follow the instructions during the lecture and information on this website for any updates.

Academic integrity

All activities in this course are subject to the Academic Integrity rules as described in Article 1, Part 4, Academic Integrity, of the Student Code.