Sir Isaac Newton
 Physics 496
 Communicating in Physics
 Spring 2024

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Secure Materials

These materials are to be used only by students enrolled in PHYS 496 and are not to be further disseminated or shared.

The Up Goer Five Challenge

Instructions and Teams

Attributes & Values

List of words denoting attributes and values of physicists

Writing an Abstract

H. Alfven, "Existence of Electromagnetic-Hydrodynamic Waves," Nature 3805, 405–406 (1942).

Proper Referencing

Introduction, Planar Tunneling into Single Crystal LuNi2B2C, PHYS 496 alumnus, 2009

Evaluating Figures

Chapter 9, Communicating in Science, Scott Montgomery

Ethics Case Studies

What about My Contribution? (Team 1)
Who Should Be Authors? (Team 2)
Data Selection & Manipulation (Team 3)
Britney Spears' Guide to Semiconductor Physics (Team 4)
Making a "Better" Figure (Team 5)