Sir Isaac Newton
  Physics 496
  Communicating in Physics
  Spring 2024

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Lecture Notes

Notes are posted after each class.
Questions about lectures notes should be directed to the lecturer:

Professor Matthias Grosse Perdekamp (MGP)
Instructor Celia Elliott (cme)
Instructor Jessica Raley (JLR)

January 19

Technical Communications for Physicists (cme)
Writing Effective Titles (cme)

January 26 

How to Read a Physics Paper (MGP)
Ethics for Young Physicists (cme)

February 2

How to Write Abstracts that Capture Your Audience (cme)

February 9

How to Get Started if You Hate to Write, Part 1—Outlining (cme)
Celia's Tips for Science Talks (cme)
Writing Numbers in Technical Documents (cme)

February 16

How to Get Started if You Hate to Write, Part II—Paragraphs (cme)

February 23

Revising and Editing Technical Manuscripts (cme)

March 1

The Publication Process and Peer Review (MGP)

March 8

Reference Rules and Styles in Scientific Writing (cme)

March 15

No class—Spring break

March 22

Effective Figure Captions for Technical Manuscripts (cme)

March 29

Voice and Tense—Making Verbs Work (cme)

April 5

A Framework for Ethical Decisions (cme)
Presenting a Journal-Club Talk (cme)

April 12

Eliminating Fluff in Scientific Writing (cme)
Writing an Effective Statement of Purpose (cme)
CVs, Resumes, and Cover Letters (cme)

April 19

Acknowledgments in Talks and Posters (cme)

April 26

Intellectual Property for Physicists (cme)

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