Sir Isaac Newton
  Physics 496
  Communicating in Physics
  Spring 2024

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Writing Workshop (WW) Assignments

These exercises will be completed during class time on the day indicated and uploaded to Celia at the conclusion of that day's session.

The purpose of WW is to help you improve your critical reading and rhetorical skills, and they will be graded as "showed up and made a sincere effort" = full points; "no show" = 0 points. In addition, your thoughtful and enthusiastic participation in WW and completion of the exercises will contribute to your "participation" points, as shown in the course grading scheme.

The writing workshop assignments are password protected and are available only students enrolled in PHYS 496. Please treat these exercises as confidential; they are not to be reposted or distributed to others outside the class.

WW #1—Finding the Right Word—February 2     Ms. P Solutions

WW #2—Using the Right Word—February 9     Solutions

WW #3—Four-Letter Words in Science Writing (no, not those words)—February 16     Solutions

WW #4—Ambiguous Pronouns—March 1    Solutions

WW #5—Them Thar Indirect Openings—March 8     Solutions

WW #6—The Three-Preposition Rule (3PR)—March 22     Solutions

WW #7—Making Verbs Work—March 29     Solutions

WW #8—Parallel Construction—April 12     Solutions

WW #9—Shooting for Shorth—April 19     Solutions

WW Bonus—Putting it All Together—Editing Ms. P Style **Bonus** (25 pts)—Submit by May 4     Solutions