PHYS 485 :: Physics Illinois :: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Required Materials and Assignments

Course Textbook

Quantum Physics, A fundamental approach to Modern Physics by John S. Townsend (2010 edition) REQUIRED

Recommended Reading


There are five categories of assignments, all to be submitted through Gradescope: i) Attendance, ii) Participation, iii) Homework, iv) 1 Mid-Term exam, and v) 1 Final exam
The actual work is lighter than in onsite classes and the multiple components are mainly to keep you engaged.

The Schedule link gives you an overview of what to expect and when. Details of the categories are as follows:
  i) Attendance means that you are present in class (unless your circumstance forbids you and you have made alternate arrangements with the instructor). Attendance will be marked by having you answer one question asked in class through gradescope. You will not be penalized for incorrect answers. The submission time will be open for the entire course of the lecture and an hour after.
 ii) Participation involves you answering one brief question a week. You will not be penalized for incorrect answers. Submission for each question will be open  for the week.
 iii) There are 6-8 regular Homework Assignments. Release and due date are indiciated on the Schedule and will also be mentioned in class, including any changes. 
iv) and v) The Mid-term and Final will both be take-home. Time-frame to be determined. Both will build on the homework and material covered in class. 

Gradescope can be accessed through the corresponding link on the left. 

Gradescope Assistance

Submitting a PDF/Image for problem sets

Submitting an online assignment for class participation/attendance

Viewing graded assignments