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Course Description

About the Course

Physics 485 explores the basic concepts of the celebrated quantum theory which underlies our modern understanding of the physical world and of the properties of materials. It is geared towards at once obtaining a somewhat rigorous working knowledge of the fundamentals and steeping in its many fascinating aspects and applications.  Topics include foundations; light and matter; applications of Schrodinger's equation; quantum well, tunneling and STMs; Structure of atoms; MRI and Quantum Computation; Electrical properties of materials, Bose-Einstein condensation, lasers, and superconductivity. Prerequisites for the course are MATH285 and PHYS214, or equivalent.

Instructor: Prof. Smitha
Teaching Assistants:
                  Jordi Salinas San
You can meet us during office hours, accessible through the Office Hours link

Navigating Virtual Space

This is a completely remote course due to the current pandemic circumstance. Lectures and Office Hours are all via Zoom. While it is far from ideal, let us together strive to make this as fullfilling an experience for all of us. One way would be to take an active interest in the subject matter. Be present in class, learn, participate, ask questions. Come to office hours. And if you manage to nucleate discussion or study groups, even better. 

NOTE: In the Class Zoom link, all sessions are automatically recorded. This includes not only scheduled classes but also any appearances outside of class. 

Assignments are also all virtual and will be submitted through Gradescope. See the Required Materials and Assignments links for the exact details. The assignments and the grading breakdown are below. While this may seem like a lot, the actual work is lighter than in onsite classes and the multiple components are mainly to keep you engaged. 

Course Grading

Likely Grade Breakdown: 
For a total of 1000 points: A+  1000 – 950;  A  949.9-911; A-  910.9–880; B+  879.9-850; B  849.9-820; B-  819.9-800; C+  799.9-740; C  735.9-710; C- 709.9-680; D+  679.9-640; D    639.99-600; D- 599.99-400; F  399.99-0