PHYS 325 :: Physics Illinois :: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Office Hours

Regular office hours will be held by the TA's and graders on Tuesday and Wednesdays (starting Jan 29) at the following times and locations:

Course Role Name Office Phone Office Hours
Course Director Gil Holder Loomis 237 C 217 300 4612

Tue 11-12:30 pm

or by appointment.

Course TA Porter Howland Loomis 279   Wed 4-5 pm
Grader Guannan Chen Loomis 279   Wed  2-3 pm 
Grader  Xuchen Cao Loomis 279   Wed 12-1 pm
Grader  Gonghan Xu Loomis 279   Wed 1-2 pm 
Course TA Nick Abboud Loomis 279   Wed. 3-4 pm