Homework in ECE 537 will be written homework based on the articles that we read in class.

How to Submit Homework

Write your answers in pencil, photograph the pages, and submit them to Gradescope. If you prefer, you can submit answers written in LaTeX, Word, RST, or whatever format you like.

Note: grading is for completeness only, not for correctness. However, in order for us to see that your submission is complete, we need to be able to read it (at least a little). “Complete” means that you made a reasonable effort to solve the problem; simply copying down the problem statement and a few words from Wikipedia does not count as “complete.” A good way to get full marks for completeness is to write an outline of a solution method, then show us which of the steps in the solution method has blocked your progress.

Solutions will be posted ten days after the submission deadline.

Homework Grading Policy

You are allowed to submit any homework late, with a penalty: your homework grade will be multiplied by \(\max(0.5,1-t/20)\), where \(t\) is the lateness of your submission, in days (a real number, not an integer). For example, if you’re late by one day, you can earn 95% credit; if you’re late by any number of days greater than 10, you can still earn up to 50% credit.


Warnings about the late penalty

  • Gradescope does not show you the late penalty. If you submit late, and want to calculate your grade, you’ll need to calculate the late penalty yourself, based on the ‘lateness’ that is displayed on Gradescope.

  • The late penalty is not waived for illness, or for any other reason. The late penalty is mild on purpose, so that it is possible to recover from an illness and still submit the homework for most of the available points.