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ECE 486 Course Policy

Course Essentials

Prerequisite: ECE 210. Basic knowledge of complex numbers and linear algebra is a plus.

Text: Franklin, Powell, and Emami-Naeini, Feedback Control of Dynamic Systems, 6th or 7th ed., Prentice Hall.
(However, if you have the 4th or 5th edition, you'll be be able to find most of the same material there, then it will be your responsibility to check the section numbers, exercise numbers, etc. against a later edition.)

Supplement Text: Aström and Murray, Feedback Systems: An Introduction for Scientists and Engineers.
Available online:

Several other supplementary texts are available in Grainger reserves. Use Instructor name or Course from drop-down list.

You must obtain the lab manual from the ECE Store (1031 ECEB) prior to the first meeting of the lab.

Grading policy:

  • Homework - 15%
  • Lab ‐ 30%
  • Midterm Exams - 15% each
  • Final Exam ‐ 25%

Note: Homework is due at midnight on Thursdays. No credit will be given for late homework.

  • Midterm ‐ Time:
    • Midterm 1:  Thu, March 7, in class
    • Midterm 2:  Thu, Apr 18, in class
  • Final ‐ Time:
    • Tue, May 7, 7:00-10:00pm, ECEB 1015

Academic Integrity

You can read the College of Engineering's Guide to Academic Integrity.

Contacting Us

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