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ECE 486 Control Systems

This is a first course in feedback control of dynamic systems. A design oriented approach is stressed. Computer based analysis, combined with an accompanying laboratory, provide a realistic setting for mastering several important design methodologies. Concurrent development of basic concepts in lecture and homework provides a foundation for continued study of advanced topics and newly emerging methods. Students come from a wide range of disciplines since control is an interdisciplinary topic.

The course is taught in parallel with ZJUI. For this reason, the first three lectures will be offered on Zoom at the link below, recorded, and made available on mediaspace.


Meeting ID: 813 8286 7016

Password: 052888






All important class-related announcements will be posted here.



First in-class exam next Thursday! Here is some information


Homework 1 has been posted!

The first three lectures will be on Zoom for joint teaching with ZJUI. The zoom feed will be shown in class.


Meeting ID: 813 8286 7016

Password: 052888

Welcome to ECE 486 Control Systems, Fall 2022!