ECE 483: Analog IC Design (Spring-2021)


Starting Cadence:

You can start the Cadence software with the following commands from the EWS Linux machines (you must be in your home directory to start):

$ cd ~
$ module load ece483
$ cd
$ virtuoso &

When you start Cadence, you may see warnings about “old versions” or “license not available”. Hit “yes” or “always” and ignore these.
Temporary Note: When you start ADE, go to Setup -> Environment, and make sure Run with 64 bit binary is checked. The simulator will not work otherwise.

Cadence Slides

Cadence OH Slides

Cadence Schematic Shortcuts

Cadence is intended to be used with keyboard shortcuts. Here are the ones you'll be using most commonly:

  • f : zoom “Full”

  • i : add Instance

  • m : Move part

  • c : Copy part

  • w : draw Wire

  • l : Label wire

  • q : Query properties

  • u : Undo (shift+u is redo)

  • r : Rotate (shift+r flips over y-axis)

  • t : direct Text edit

Cadence Simulation Demo:

Cadence Demo

Cadence Demo SP21

Cadence MATLAB Export Guide:

MATLAB Export Guide

Demo Files:

Editing cds.lib screenshot
Cadence Library
Parameter file for parametric DC sweep
MATLAB startup file

More Information

THD instructions
Schematic and simulation

Schematic and Layout
Current Source Biasing and Extracted Simulation