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ECE 453
Wireless Communication Systems


Design of a radio system for transmission of information; types of receivers, matching techniques, receiver and antenna noise, types of modulation, high-frequency circuitry, and point-to-point and satellite communications.



4 hours


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The purpose of this course is to teach senior students in electrical engineering the basic principles of radio-frequency circuit design and to illustrate how such circuits are used in communication systems.



  • Receiver systems: modulation schemes; receiver fundamentals; superheterodyne receiver

  • Resonant circuits and impedance transformations

  • Oscillators: hybrid Pi model for BJT and FET; loop gain analysis; negative resistance analysis

  • Impedance matching: L networks, PI and T networks (lossless and attenuating); Smith chart

  • High frequency amplifier design: 2 port models - Y, Z, H, S parameters; stability, power gains, simultaneous conjugate matching

  • Noise characterization of systems: introduction to thermal noise characteristics; noise characterization of linear 2 ports; sensitivity of receiving system; measurement techniques

  • Nonlinear effects: 1 dB compression; two-tone response of nonlinear system, third-order intercepts; dynamic range of receiving system

  • Mixers: active mixers; switching type mixers; 4-diode double balanced mixer; conversion loss, nonlinear effects

  • Phase-locked loops and applications: FM detection; frequency synthesis

Computer Usage:

CAD Software (HP Microwave and RF design systems) is used in the laboratory.


Lab Equipment:

vector impedance meter, spectrum analyzer, network analyzer, frequency synthesizers.


Course Prerequisites:

credit or concurrent registration in ECE 442; ECE 329


Topical Prerequisites:

  • Network theory

  • Fourier series

  • Electronic circuits

  • Smith chart


Class notes.



Category content as estimated by faculty member who prepared this course description:
Engineering Science: 2 credits or 50%
Engineering Design: 2 credits or 50%