ECE 447 – Active Microwave Circuit Design

Spring 2022


Attendance to labs is required. The lab instructor should be informed of any conflicts one week ahead, in order to arrange an alternate time to complete the lab.

Lab Section: ABA ABB ABC
Time: Wednesday 1-3:50 PM Wednesday 6-8:50 PM Tuesday 6-8:50 PM
Location: 5076 ECEB 5076 ECEB 5076 ECEB

Lab Policy

  • Lab manuals will be posted on Canvas.

  • Lab reports are due on Canvas at 6:00 pm Champaign Time on the due date.

  • All the lab reports should be submitted to Canvas, in .pdf format.

  • Late lab reports will not be accepted, unless under exceptional circumstances approved by the instructor.

  • Background and Prelab of a lab manual contains relevant theory and background information of the experiment, which must be done before entering a new lab session.

Lab Schedule

Lab Topic Date
Lab 1 Time domain reflectometry Week of 1/31
Lab 2 Introduction to ADS Week of 2/07
Lab 3 Keysight E8357A S-parameter measurements Week of 2/14
Lab 4 Network analyzer measurements, board characterization, simulation models Week of 2/21
Lab 5 Design, modeling, and construction of λ/4 bias stubs, blocking capacitors Week of 2/28
Lab 6 Bias circuit design and implementation; Biased transistor S-parameter measurement Week of 3/07
Lab 7 Stablitliy analysis; addtion of transistor and bias circuit to board Week of 3/21
Lab 8 Discussion of matching for maxium gain; design and optimization of matching networks Week of 3/28, 4/04
Lab 9 Determination of transistor noise parameters; Optmization of amplifer design Week of 4/18

Lab Report Regrades

Submit a written description (word/pdf) explaining in detail why you think a correction should be made.

Please direct your lab report re-grading requests to the TAs.