NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet Resources

For Android development, ECE 420 provides NVIDIA SHIELD Tablets, which will be refered to as tablets for simplicity.

Tablet for Presentation

The tablets have mini-HDMI ports and can be connected to the projector with the proper cable provided by the lab. It is a great way to show-off the app interactively, especially during final demo.

When connected with HDMI, the tablet will use the tablet microphone for audio input and HDMI for audio output. One benefit is that the microphone will not pick-up feedback from the HDMI output.

The graphic stream will go through HDMI and select mirror mode on the tablet when prompted. There are few tips that could be helpful to create the best presentation experiences. Add the following lines into the Java source code, all our structured labs have accommodate them that serves as a reference.

// Keeps the table screen on while app is open

// Lock the table screen in protrait or landscape to override HDMI and user rotation

Software Version

It is important to make sure the tablets operates on the latest software updates, for best Android functionality and security.

To update the tablet system software, go to Settings -> About tablet -> System upgrade. It is recommended that the students always update the tablet system to the latest version.

"Android version" and "SHIELD tablet software version" are the two numbers that matter the most. Current labs have been updated to support SHIELD TABLET K1 SOFTWARE UPGRADE 5.4 with Android 7.0.

Checkout Sheet

Tablet distribution should be well documented using the lab checkout sheets. Since students form groups randomly during the structured labs, it is hard to keep the record of who hold which tablet throughout the course. Currently, we ask each student to complete their own checkout sheet and record the tablet kit number on the back of the sheet.

Tablet Inventory List

This list is last updated on May/2/2018.

Kit # Condition
A01 Used
A02 Used
A03 Used
A04 Used
A05 Used
A06 Used
A07 Used
A08 Used
A09 Power Button Damaged, given to ECE shop for repair
A10 Used
A11 Used
A12 Used
A13 Used
A14 Used
A15 Used
A16 Used, missing the box
A17 Used
A18 Used
A19 Used
A20 Used
A21 Used
A22 Used
A23 Used
A24 New in Box
A25 New in Box
A26 New in Box
A27 Used
A28 Used
A29 Used
A30 New in Box
A31 Used
A32 New in Box