MP6: IIR Filters

This MP is about using IIR filters to remove 60Hz line noise, and to synthesize the resonant sound of a bell (textbook chapters 9 and 10).

  • contains the code. You should download the code, unzip it into some directory, and then type jupyter notebook to get started.

  • mp6_notebook.html is an example of what the Jupyter notebook will look like, once you’ve finished everything.

  • python is how you will grade your code on your local machine.

  • When it works on your machine, then you can try uploading only the file to the MP3 assignment on Gradescope.

Extra Credit

  • is the extra credit assignment. This adds one more file for you to work on (, and one more visible test file (tests/ with its accompanying solutions file (extra_solutions.hdf5).

  • When you’ve finished revising, you can test it on your machine by running python

  • When it works on your machine, upload only the file to the MP6 Extra Credit assignment on Gradescope.