ECE 401 Signal Processing, Fall 2023

Introduction to signal processing for advanced undergraduates or graduate students in the biological, physical, social, engineering and computer sciences. Representation and processing of continuous-time and discrete-time signals and images using phasors, Fourier series, sampling, FIR filters, discrete-time Fourier transform, Z transform, and IIR filters. Machine problems include processing of music, speech, photographic image, bioelectric, and biomedical image data.

4 undergraduate hours. 4 graduate hours. Prerequisite: MATH 220.

Credit is not given for both ECE 310 and ECE 401.

Textbook (strongly recommended): DSPFirst by McClellan, Schafer and Yoder, 2nd edition, 2016.

Instructor: Mark Hasegawa-Johnson (jhasegaw)

On-line Tools

  • CampusWire will be used for on-line question answering. If you need the code to enter this site, send an e-mail to the course instructors.

  • Gradescope will be used to submit all homework and machine problems, and will be used to grade exams. The code to enter this site will be posted on CampusWire.

  • Lectures can be viewed online in either of two ways:
    • Synchronously using zoom. The zoom link is on CampusWire.

    • Asynchronously using MediaSpace

  • DSPFirst Demos contains useful demos.

  • Our logo this semester is a Nyquist sampling demo uploaded by Jacopo Bertolotti.