Your cumulative score for the semester is a weighted sum of component scores, with the following weights:

  • 15.0%: Written homework (2.5% each)

  • 45.0%: Machine problems (7.5% each)

  • 10.0%: Midterm 1

  • 10.0%: Midterm 2

  • 20.0%: Final exam

Extra Credit

  • Extra credit will be available on some of the MPs. This counts for up to 10% of whatever points the MP is worth.

  • Extra credit is also available for correctly answering the questions of other students on CampusWire. This counts for up to 1% of your cumulative semester grade.

Grade Cutoffs

Grade cutoffs are approximately as follows, where \(\mu\) is the class average, \(\sigma\) is the standard deviation. These thresholds are not guaranteed, but they rarely change by much.

\[ \begin{align}\begin{aligned}&A+:\min\left(0.99,\mu+1.5\sigma\right), A:\min\left(0.94,\mu+0.5\sigma\right), A-:\min\left(0.90,\mu+0.25\sigma\right)\\&B+:\min\left(0.85,\mu\right), B:\min\left(0.80,\mu-0.75\sigma\right), B-:\min\left(0.75,\mu-\sigma\right)\\&C+:\min\left(0.70,\mu-1.25\sigma\right), C:\min\left(0.65,\mu-2\sigma\right), C-:\min\left(0.60,\mu-2.25\sigma\right)\\&D+:\min\left(0.55,\mu-2.5\sigma\right), D:\min\left(0.50,\mu-2.75\sigma\right), D-:\min\left(0.45,\mu-3\sigma\right)\end{aligned}\end{align} \]