ECE 343: Electronic Circuits Lab

Useful Resources:

  • To access MATLAB on your personal device: MATLAB through MATLAB through Citrix

  • Please note that MATLAB through Citrix can only access the files in EWS Windows home directory.

  • To access your Windows home directory remotely: Map network drive

  • If you encounter firmware update issue (on your personal device), please refer to the solution below.
    The solution is applicable to Windows and Mac but not the machine in ECEB
    Firmware update

Lab Assignments:

  • Labs must be completed individually.

  • You are expected to finish the lab assignment outside of the lab.

  • The relevant work/demo must be shown to the TA (in lab) on the week of the due dates given below.

  • Please attend TA office hours if there is any difficulty in completing the assignment. Lab time is for Demo only.

Lab Tutorial Due Date
Passive Filters LTSpice Tutorial
LM741 LTspice Model
ADALM1000/ALICE/Pixelpulse Tutorial
MATLAB sample code
Section 2.1-3.3 : September 2nd
Section 4.1-4.3 : September 9th
Diodes Section 3.1-3.4 : September 16th
Section 4.1-4.4 : September 23rd
MOSFET: Large Signal Model Section 2.1-2.4 : September 30th
Section 3.1-3.3 : October 7th
MOSFET Applications Digital Logic Tutorial, Logic Gate Design Section 2-5.1: October 14th
Section 5.2-8.1: October 21st
BJT Circuits Section 2.1-3.2 : October 28th
Section 4.1-4.2 : November 4th
Project D1N4002 Model
UA741 Model
Sections 1 - 5 : November 11th (start section 6 in lab)
Section 6 - 8.0.1 : November 18th
Sections 9 : December 2nd


  • Quizzes will not be handed back, but you may ask the TAs during office hours or during lab to see your quizzes

  • For concerns about the grade of your quiz, please contact the corresponding TAs listed below

Lab Quiz Date TA
Lab1 September 16th Chris
Lab2 September 30th Palash
Lab3 October 14th Chetna
Lab4 October 28th Yue
Lab5 November 11th Charlie