ECE 210/211 – Analog Signal Processing

Summer 2022


Thirty-six (36) written assignments will be posted in this class. Each assignment will be announced at the end of every lecture. Homeworks are due right before the lecture on the next day. Late homework will receive no credit. To account for situations including but not limited to sickness, travel and etc., six (6) lowest homework grades will be dropped for 210 students, and three (3) for 211 students. Homework problems are assigned to help you demonstrate your proficiency in exams.

Homework will be assigned on a daily basis and solution will be posted on the Canvas.

Homework Policies

Written assignments are due at the beginning of the lecture. You are expected to provide detailed explanations of your solutions in order to obtain full credit on your homework assignments. Conversely, solutions lacking full explanations will receive zero credit even when the answer provided may be correct and furthermore suspicions of copying may lead to 'academic integrity violation’ cases being opened against you.

Homework Format

The homework solution should be clearly legible. Illegible homework will not be graded. We recommend boxing your answers, showing ALL of your work, and generally making it easier for the graders to grade to maximize your scores on HW. The student's name, netid, and homework number should be clearly written on top of every page.

Homework Regrades

If you want to request a regrade of your homework, you must do so within two days of it being graded on the Canvas. To request a regrade, explain why you think you should get more credit.