ECE 210/211 – Analog Signal Processing

Summer 2021


This lab is designed to give the student the opportunity to verify theoretical concepts introduced in lecture (such as frequency response, filtering, modulation, etc.) and to understand how these concepts relate to real-world systems. It does so by leading the student through the design of a simple AM radio receiver. In this lab, you will be using ADALM2000 learning module (M2K) as the primary equipment, which you should already receive from the department. Lab0 is optional and it is designed for you to get familiar with the module. From lab1 to lab4, you will construct an analog circuit on the breadboard and M2K will be used as common laboratory equipments such as function generator, oscilloscope and power supply. Lab5 is a digital lab, in which you will investigate the digital signal processing of the circuit you built. The labs are mandatory. Your attendance will be taken during the individual demo with one of the teaching staffs. In case of absence for lab, ZERO CREDIT will be given to that lab assignment. Pre-labs and lab reports are due on dates shown below at 11:59pm Champaign time on Gradescope. The total lab score is determined by the summation of pre-lab (25 total), lab report (50 total) and demo score (25 total).

Lab zoom link. 

Prelab  Lab   Pre-lab deadline Lab report deadline
  Lab 0      
Pre-lab 1 Lab 1   Mon. 6/28 Sat. 7/3
Pre-lab 2 Lab 2   Mon. 7/5 Sat. 7/10
Pre-lab 3 Lab 3   Mon. 7/12 Sat. 7/17
Pre-lab 4 Lab 4



Mon. 7/19 Sat. 7/24
Pre-lab 5 Lab 5   Mon. 7/26 Sat. 7/31

Lab Policies

No instruction is given in the lab, the zoom lab is designed to help students debugging circuit, clarifying lab manual and checking demo. During the lab, you may ask questions regarding to the lab report, verify your measurements or start an individual demo with TA.

During the demo lab, you will be asked some questions about that lab and to show certain measurement results from your computer. (You may find the mark as "Demo required" in the manual indicating which part of the lab should be shown to the TA) The demo is designed to check your independent work and you may expect little difficulty if you finish your lab independently and understand the concept.

See more details in lab syllabus.

Any late submission within a week after the deadline will deduct 50% of the grades, further late submission is not accepted. Please assign pages when submitting on Gradescope, failing to do so will deduct 5 points.

Lab Regrades

If you want to request a regrade of your homework, you must do so within five days of it being graded on the gradescope. To request a regrade, explain why you think you should get more credit.