CS466: Introduction to Bioinformatics

Instructor: Jian Peng
Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Email: jianpeng@illinois.edu
Office Hour Zoom: TBD
Office Hour: 2:00PM - 3:00PM Thursday

Teaching Assistant: Wei Qian
PhD Student of Computer Science
Email: weiqian3@illinois.edu
Office Hour Zoom: Meeting ID
Office Hour: 11:00AM - 12:00PM Thursday

Teaching Assistant: Xiaoming Zhao
PhD Student of Computer Science
Email: xz23@illinois.edu
Office Hour Zoom: Meeting ID
Office Hour: 4:00PM - 5:00PM Tuesday

Lecture Zoom: Meeting ID
Time: 12:30PM - 1:45PM, T/R

Forum: piazza

Course Objectives

Introduction to bioinformatics:

Learning to do research:


Introductory materials

Molecular Biology for Computer Scientists by Larry Hunter.

An Introduction to Bioinformatics Algorithms by Neil C. Jones and Pavel A. Pevzner.

Grading Scheme

Assignments Policy


Date Presenter Slides
01/21/2020 Jian Peng Introduction [slides]
01/23/2020 Jian Peng Molecular Biology [slides]
01/28/2020 Mohammed El-Kebir Sequence Alignment I [slides][notes]
01/30/2020 Mohammed El-Kebir Sequence Alignment II [slides][notes]
02/04/2020 Mohammed El-Kebir Sequence Alignment III [slides][notes]
02/06/2020 Mohammed El-Kebir Sequence Alignment IV [slides][notes]
02/11/2020 Jian Peng Sequence Alignment Review [slides]
02/13/2020 Wesley Wei Qian Probability and Statistics [slides]
02/18/2020 Jian Peng Pattern Matching [slides]
02/20/2020 Jian Peng Pattern Matching II[slides]
02/25/2020 Jian Peng Pattern Matching III[slides]
02/25/2020 Mohammed El-Kebir Pattern Matching IV[slides]
03/03/2020 Jian Peng Blast I [slides]
03/05/2020 Jian Peng Blast II [slides]
03/10/2020 Wesley Wei Qian Midterm Review [slides]
03/24/2020 Wesley Wei Qian Blast III [slides]
03/26/2020 Wesley Wei Qian Sequence Assembly I [slides]
03/31/2020 Jian Peng Sequence Assembly II [slides]
04/02/2020 Jian Peng Sequence Assembly III & HMM I [slides]
04/07/2020 Jian Peng HMM II [slides]


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Release Date Due Time Assignments Solutions
02/11/2020 23:59:59, 02/18/2020 Assignment 1 Solution 1
02/25/2020 23:59:59, 03/03/2020 Assignment 2 Solution 2
04/03/2020 23:59:59, 04/14/2020 Assignment 3