Course Schedule Spring 2024

This schedule is subject to change. Please check back frequently.

Unit Tuesday Lecture Thursday Lecture Wednesday Discussion
Intro Jan. 16
Introductions and Course Overview
Security Mindset
Jan. 18
Ethics and Law
x86 Assembly Review
Software Security Jan. 23
Buffer Overflow
Jan. 25
Control Flow Hijacking
AppSec MP: CP 1
Software Security Jan. 30
Control Flow Hijacking (continued)
AppSec Checkpoint 1 due at 7pm
Feb. 1
AppSec MP: CP 2
Web Security Feb. 6
Web Security Introduction
Feb. 8
Web Security
AppSec Checkpoint 2 due at 7pm
WebSec MP: CP 1
Web Security Feb. 13
Database Security
Feb. 15
Isolation and Authorization
WebSec Checkpoint 1 due at 7pm
WebSec MP: CP 2
OS Security Feb. 20
Feb. 22
Auditing and Forensics
OS Security Feb. 27
Intrusion Detection
WebSec Checkpoint 2 due at 7pm
Feb. 29
Cloud Security
ThreatSec MP
Midterm Mar. 5
Midterm Review
Mar. 7
Midterm Exam (in class)
Cryptography Mar. 19
Cryptographic Hash Functions
ThreatSec MP due 7pm
Mar. 21
Symmetric Encryption
Crypto MP: CP 1
Cryptography Mar. 26
Symmetric Encryption (continued)
Mar. 28
Asymmetric Encryption and Key Exchange
Crypto Checkpoint 1 due at 7pm
Crypto MP: CP 2
Cryptography Apr. 2
Message Integrity
Apr. 4
The Network Stack
Network Security Apr. 9
Link-Layer Security
Crypto Checkpoint 2 due 7pm
Apr. 11
Internet-Layer Security
NetSec MP: CP 1
Network Security Apr. 16
Transport-Layer Security
NetSec Checkpoint 1 due at 7pm
Apr. 18
NetSec MP: CP 2
Network Security Apr. 23
Domain Name System
Apr. 25
NetSec Checkpoint 2 due at 7pm
Final Exam Apr. 30
Final Exam Review
May 2