Guide: Setting Up git for Data Science Discovery

To set up git, there are certain commands you will run:

  1. Once for the entire semester (“Course Setup”),
  2. Once for each computer you use (“Computer Setup”),
  3. Once each time you work on Data Science Discovery (“Assignment Setup”)

Course Setup

To begin to work on assignments and turn in work, you will need to create a git repository for the course.

Computer Setup

  1. On your computer, go to your Desktop and create a cs240 folder on your Desktop

  2. Now, going back and using your terminal/command line, run the following commands to navigate into your cs240 folder:
    cd Desktop
    cd cs240
  3. Clone a local copy of your git repository with the following command (making sure to replace YOUR-GIT-REPO-URL with the URL from the “Course Setup” above):
    git clone YOUR-GIT-REPO-URL
  4. Navigate into your git directory by going into your NetID-named folder:
    cd NETID
  5. Set up a connection to the _release repository where code will be released for you:
    • If the command worked, nothing will show up when you run this command. (No output means no error! :))
    • If you are not sure, you can run it again and it will say that “the remote already exists”.
    git remote add release
  6. Let git know who you are REPLACE YOUR NAME and EMAIL with your name/email:
    git config "Your Name"
    git config ""

Common Setup Errors

Windows 10 - “Invalid Credentials”

If you are using Windows 10 and getting “invalid credentials”:

  1. In your Start menu, type “Credential Manager” and run it.
  2. Inside of the credential manager, click “Windows Credentials”
  3. Under “Generic Credentials”, find and edit your password.

Assignment Setup

Each assignment will provide specific instructions on how to use git to fetch and submit your work.