ME 598: Policies


Below are the course policies for this class.  Please read through them and familiarize yourself with the policies regarding course logistics.  Details specific to course content can be found on the Info page.

Academic integrity, harassment, and discrimination
Contact and obtaining help

Special accommodations



  1. Excuses from assessments will only be given in the following circumstances:
    1. Illness.
    2. Personal crisis (e.g., car accident, required court appearance, death of a close relative).
    3. Required attendance at an official UIUC activity (e.g., varsity athletics, band concert).
  2. In all cases you must include official written documentation explaining your absence.
  3. In cases (a) or (b) an official excuse letter from the Dean on Duty must be submitted via the online form within 2 weeks of the due date of the missed assessment, but no later than reading day. In cases of extended or unusual illness, late submission of excuse documentation will be considered.
  4. In case (c) an official letter from the designated university official must be submitted via the online form at least one week prior to the due date of the missed assessment.
  5. Notwithstanding the above, at your professor's discretion you may be required to make up any excused work or attend substitute instruction or assessment.


Academic integrity, harassment, and discrimination: Academic integrity infractions, harassment, and discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated. See the University's Student Code, Article 1, Part 4 and the Campus Conduct Policy. Please report any concerns immediately to your professor.

Academic integrity infractions will be dealt with using the most stringent available counter-measures. All infractions are documented through the campus-wide FAIR database, that remains part of the student's permanent record. All infractions in this database will be referred to the Senate Committee on Student Discipline for review and potential additional sanctions. Typical pentalties for academic infractions include dropping one course letter grade. Students have been expelled from the university for cheating.

Infractions include, but are not limited to, cheating, plagiarism, and assisting others in a manner not prescribed or allowed for in the original assignment or directions. Notably, for homework assignments, students are encouraged and allowed to work together. The philosophy is that homeworks are ‘formative’ assessments, meaning they are intended to foster learning. This is in contrast to ‘summative’ assessments, including quizzes and exams, that measure individual student mastery of course concepts, for which students are of course forbidden from assisting each other.


Contact and obtaining help: The main way to obtain help is via office hours. Please send me an email with ME598 in the subject line to schedule an appointment.



All students, faculty and staff are required to obey social distancing guidelines (6 foot separation to the degree possible) at all times.



Classrooms will be equipped with alcohol wipes and hand sanitizer.  Instructors and students should wipe down their area upon entry into the classroom. 



No eating or drinking in class so that face coverings can be worn at all times



If a student does not comply with campus policies – for example, the student removes their face covering inside the classroom or refuses to respect social distancing – that student is in violation of the Student Code and subject to discipline. The instructor should take the following action:

  1. Ask the student to comply with the behavior. For example, say, “Please put on a face-covering for the safety of those around you.” 
  2. If the student refuses to comply, ask the student to leave the classroom. Say, ”If you are unwilling to comply, I have to ask you to leave the class.”  
  3. If the student refuses to leave the class, dismiss the class. “Unfortunately, not everyone in the class is willing to engage in safe behavior. Therefore, class is dismissed.” 
  4. After the class, report the student to the Office for Student Conflict Resolution, using this link, for further discipline. If the class was dismissed, notify the departmental executive officer (head, chair).

The University believes that wearing a face covering and maintaining physical distancing are imperative for public and personal safety. Presence on campus and participation in face-to-face instruction requires compliance with the requirements for face covering, social distancing and COVID-19 testing.  We therefore fully support decisions by instructors to dismiss any student from the classroom for failure to comply.  There will be no penalty to instructors who are forced to dismiss class due to a student’s failure to comply with safety behaviors.

Gradebook: You are responsible for keeping track of your own grades.


Lectures: Prompt and regular attendance at lectures is essential for your comprehension and success in the course.


Special accommodations: To obtain disability-related academic adjustments or accommodations, students with disabilities must contact their professor and Disability Resources and Educational Services (DRES) as soon as possible. Students who require special accommodations for exams should schedule to take their exam at DRES, and DRES staff will communicate with the professor to organize the exam. There is no need to inform the professor about this in advance.