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This course uses the College of Engineering Computer-Based Testing Facility service CBTF Online for its exams.

If you have accommodations identified by the Division of Rehabilitation-Education Services (DRES) for exams, please email your Letter of Accommodations (LOA) to CBTF Manager Carleen Sacris at before you make your first exam reservation.

If you have any issue during an exam, please inform the proctor immediately. Work with the proctor to resolve the issue at the time before logging off.

Please review all instructions on the CBTF website before your first exam:

The policies of the CBTF are the policies of this course, and academic integrity infractions related to the CBTF are infractions in this course.



Online help:

This is to let you know about a new program being offered by a group of physics graduate students here at UIUC! 


In short, we’ll be hosting Zoom rooms at various times throughout every week starting on Monday November 2nd to be used for group study sessions for your course, with the purpose of answering physics and physics-related questions and generally just chatting and hanging out. Each room will be staffed by an on-call graduate student who can help you out with homework, facilitate study sessions, or even answer questions you might have about graduate school. Everyone is welcome to join, whether you just want a place to study with others or if you have specific questions you’d like answered. We hope that this can be a useful resource to you in navigating this semester, and that we’ll see you in one of the Zoom rooms! If you’re interested, check out the spreadsheet at this link for room times and the Zoom join info:


Schedule Welcome to Grad On-Call, an online space to study, ask questions and hang out! Below we've listed all the times where the Grad On-Call rooms will be open and staffed by a graduate student. You're welcome to bring any physics, math, or CS related questions to any of the rooms, but some g...


From your neighborhood grad students,

Abhishek Joshi, Adam Bauer, Christian Boyd, Ethan Mullen, Ian Cordeiro, Kevin Kleiner, Matthew Thibodeau, Nathan Arnold, Nick Abboud, Sammy Goldman, Sonali Joshi, and Zejun Liu