Physics 225 Spring 2022

Prof. Ben Hooberman

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Welcome to Physics 225 - Relativity & Math Applications for Spring 2022! This website contains all the information for the course.


General Information

Class Times and Locations
Lectures Tuesdays from 4:00 - 4:50 PM in 151 Loomis
Discussion Section Thursdays and Fridays in 32 Loomis (see schedule)
Office hours Thurs 2:30-5 PM in 464 Loomis and Fri 1-5 PM in 151 Loomis


Recommended textbook
There is no required book for this course, but a textbook is often very helpful to provide a different point of view and additional detail. If you would like to purchase a textbook, I recommend "Special Relativity" by A.P. French and "Basic training in mathematics: a fitness program for science students" by Ramamurti Shankar.


Course grading
Your grade in this course will be based on successful completion of the weekly homework assignments (35%), participation in lectures (5%), participation in the discussion sessions (10%), performance on a mid-term exam (15%), and performance on the final exam (35%).
Homework due dates and time
Homework is due at 4 PM on Mondays. Your solutions are to be submitted electronically via compass2g.
Late policy for homework
If you don't make the deadline, you may turn your homework assignment in by the following Tuesday at 4 PM and receive 80% credit.
Late policy for attendance at discussion sessions
Discussion attendance counts for 10% of your grade in the course. If you're 10 minutes or more late to discussion section more than once, you will not receive participation credit. You get one free pass to be late to discussion section.
Equation sheet
A summary of all the equations used in physics 225 is available here.