PHYS 102 :: Physics Illinois :: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Course Grading

Course grading will proceed in compliance with University policy as given in Article 3, Part 1 of the Student Code.


You will be able to view your grades on all components of the course using the course gradebook. Check that your lab and quiz grades are correctly entered in the gradebook.

Any discrepancies found in your student gradebook should be brought to the attention of your section instructor immediately.


Your final grade for Physics 102 will be based upon your total score on all the components of the course. The total possible score is 1000 points.

Course component Number of assignments Number dropped per semester Maximum points per semester
Lecture and homework components:
Prelectures 28 3 25
Checkpoints 28 3 25
Homework 14 1 75
  125 points
Discussion components:
Discussion Participation 14 1 70
Discussion Quizzes 10 1 105
  175 points
Lab components:
Prelabs 11 1 40
Labs 8 1 145
Lab practical exam 1 0 15
  200 points
Exam components:
Hour exams 3 0 3 x 100=300
Final exam 1 0 200
  500 points


Bonus Points: 20 points


You will have an opportunity to earn up to 20 bonus points via the following activities.

You can thus earn up to two bonus points per week through a combination of the three bonus activities.


Bonus points will be distributed to the non-exam portion of the course when calculating your final score at the end of the semester, up to a total of 500 points.


Here's an example:  I have earned 496 points for pre-lecture, checkpoints, homework, discussion quizzes, discussion problem sets, labs, pre-labs and my lab practical. I have also earned 8 bonus points for attending office hours.  I can only use 4 of my bonus points to calculate my final grade.


EX and ABS scores

Any EX scores you may be assigned in the gradebook will become the average of the non-EX scores you may have for an certain assignment type during the final grade calculation. For example, if there are 10 homework assignments setup for your course, and you have two EX scores, 100% for seven of your homework scores and 0% for one of your homework scores, those two EXs should evaluate to 87.5% each. So your final homework scores used in the final calculation should be:

0% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 87.5% 87.5%

Only during the final calculation are the lowest scores dropped; the dropping of lowest scores is not part of calculating EX scores.

Any ABS scores will be treated like a 0 score during final grade calculations.

Please be sure to familiarize yourself with the attendance policy for this course.

Final Grade

The following table will be used to assign final grades.

Letter Range
A+ 1000 - 970
A 969.99 - 930
A- 929.99 - 900
B+ 899.99 - 870
B 869.99 - 830
B- 829.99 - 800
C+ 799.99 - 770
C 769.99 - 730
C- 729.99 - 700
D+ 699.99 - 670
D 669.99 - 630
D- 629.99 - 600
F 599.99 - 0