PHYS 100 :: Physics Illinois :: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Course Grading

PHYS100 is designed to help you pass PHYS211. The web-based gradebook will show, for all aspects of the class, how you're progressing. At the end of the course, all components will be put together to obtain the final grade. During the term, you should regularly check that the homework and discussion grades are correctly entered in the gradebook. It is your responsibility to bring any problems with your assigned grades to the attention of your section instructor immediately.

Your final grade for Physics 100 will be based upon your total score on all the components of the course. The total possible score is 1000 points.

Course Component Points
Prelectures 50
CheckPoints 50
Lectures 50
Homework 150
Discussion section participation 200
Quests 200
Midterm exam 150
Final exam 150


The points for the course are split up into two categories.


Points Earned for Course Learning Activities
(500 points)

Prelectures (50 points)

Full credit is given for completing 13 out of the 14 prelectures (dropping 1). The prelectures are evenly weighted.

Checkpoints (50 points)

Full credit is given for completing 13 out of the 14 checkpoints (dropping 1). The checkpoints are weighted evenly.

Lectures (50 points)

Full credit is given for answering 75% of the in-class clicker questions, up to a maximum of 11 of the 14 lectures (dropping 3).

Homework (150 points)

Each of the 13 homework sets will be given equal weight and summed to give the total homework score, with a maximum of 150 points.

Discussion Section Participation (200 points)

90% of your discussion grade is for attendance. You get full credit for being on time and staying for the whole course. If you miss 15 mins or more of discussion, you receive half credit. If you miss more than 30 mins of discussion, you receive no attendance credit. The other 10% of your discussion grade comes from submitting your group work during discussion. Your groupwork is submitted and evaluated by the TA. The total discussion section participation grade is the sum of the highest 11 of the 14 discussion section grades (dropping 3).


Points Earned for Quests/Exams
(500 points)

Quests (200 points)

Each of the 5 Quests will be given equal weight (40 points) and summed to give the total Quest score, with a maximum of 200 points.

Exams (150 points each)

The midterm and the final exam is each worth 150 points.



Bonus Points

Bonus point opportunities will be announced throughout the semester.

Bonus points will be added to your Quest points at the end of the semester, with the caveat that your total Quest score cannot exceed 200 points.

Final Grade

The following table will be used to assign final grades.

Final Grade Minimum Points
A+ 950
A 920
A- 890
B+ 860
B 830
B- 800
C+ 750
C 720
C- 690
D+ 620
D 590
D- 510
F < 510